Awesome: New watch EVERY LIBERAL needs to buy…

Ain’t technology grand? We’ve got smart phones and fitness monitors and wireless security systems and voice activated TV remotes.

The good news is, we have access to information and entertainment in ways we couldn’t have imagined just 15 years ago.

The bad news is, people stare at their screens and selfies more than each other.

However! A new invention may be the most perfect device EVER to improve political discourse and it’s especially timely given the hysteria from liberals over Donald Trump’s election.

In fact, every liberal, bleating on about “fairness” and “inclusion” needs one of these, STAT.

As The Times describes, it’s a watch that tells boring people when it’s time to shut up.

Scientists have created a gadget that is worn like a wristwatch and uses artificial intelligence to assess a conversation’s tone. It can differentiate between happy, sad and neutral, but some versions could also tell whether your delivery is boring or awkward.

It could be installed in smartphones or watches that would vibrate if the conversation went downhill during a date or interview, researchers said.

How awesome would THAT be! (And how embarrassing.)

The team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) used a wristband loaded with sensors to capture physiological data including heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow, temperature and movement. They also made audio recordings to analyze pitch, energy levels and vocabulary. They trained an algorithm to assess the overall tone with 83 per cent accuracy.

The technology picked up on things such as pauses, monotony, fidgeting and putting a hand to one’s face as signs that the delivery was downbeat.

Although the prototype focuses on the wearer’s cues, the researchers said that later versions could analyze audio from all sides of a conversation, getting a good idea of other people’s responses.

No doubt as the technology advances, users will be able to calibrate how much annoyance they’re willing to tolerate before the buzzer goes off.

Just imagine the cacophony at the daily press briefings (and next Thanksgiving dinner..).

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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