Here’s the BANNED Super Bowl ad everyone’s talking about…

Thank God we weren’t tortured with a politically-themed halftime show last night (as many expected). Other than a few ads — some more subtle than others — there wasn’t much political preaching to be seen last night.

Among ads having a political message: a generic ad about “inclusion” from AirBnb, Audi’s wage gap (one they accidentally debunked on their own Twitter account), and a vague ad that appeared to be about immigration — but cut short, instead asking viewers to visit a a website to see the rest of the ad.

In the 90-second ad for a construction company, an hispanic mother and daughter are sneaking across the southern border. We see them walking through the night, walking along a barbed wire fence, and even hopping on a boxcar of a moving train and crossing a river. It’s at that point the ad, which would’ve otherwise been six minutes long, ended. And it didn’t end there just to save money on their advertising budget — it ended because Fox rejected the ad in its entirety for being too political.

You can watch the full ad below. Spoiler alert: Trump’s border wall makes a cameo!

So, a pretty obvious endorsement of illegal immigration, right? Yes — but they’re covering their bases by pretending the ad showed legal immigration (because we all know boxcar hopping and sneaking across the border shows how LEGAL immigrants enter the U.S.!)


A Twitter account associated with Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund tweeted support of the ad, further confirming about a 0.001% chance anyone should actually believe that this ad is celebrating legal immigration.


Perhaps they’ll follow this up with an ultra-extended version that involves them both entering an immigration office at the end? I doubt it.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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