Locals STUNNED by what Dakota Access protesters LEFT behind

When protesters descended upon the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, many thought it was because they cared about the environment. In reality, it was just another opportunity for indoctrinated liberals to get together and virtue signal. As soon as the first whiff of North Dakota winter hit the protesters, they scrambled back to their safe spaces.

Of course, as seems to be the case with all recent liberal protests, the only thing the Standing Rock protesters managed was to leave behind carnage in their wake.

From the Washington Times:

Clean-up crews are racing to clear acres of debris at the largest Dakota Access protest camp before the spring thaw turns the snowy, trash-covered plains into an environmental disaster area.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced Friday that the camp, located on federal land, would be closed Feb. 22 in order to “prevent injuries and significant environmental damage in the likely event of flooding in this area” at the mouth of the Cannonball River in North Dakota.

“Without proper remediation, debris, trash, and untreated waste will wash into the Cannonball River and Lake Oahe,” the Corps said in its statement.

Those involved in the clean-up effort, led by the Standing Rock Sioux, say it could take weeks for private sanitation companies and volunteers to clear the expanse of abandoned tents, teepees, sleeping bags, blankets, canned food, supplies and just plain garbage littering the Oceti Sakowin camp.

“It’s unfortunate. Again, that just goes against what they’re fighting against, is leaving that stuff and abandoning it and obviously the environment the river,” Scott Davis, North Dakota Commissioner for Indian Affairs, told KFYR-TV in Bismarck.

As you might recall, part of the justification for opposing the pipeline was fear that a spill could pollute the nearby river. Thanks to protesters, crews will have to work hard over the next few weeks to avoid that very river from being contaminated by the junk “environmentalists” left behind.

Even more ironically, as crews raced to clean up the debris, the few remaining protesters disrupted the process.

As the Times article continues:

The operation was delayed Wednesday, when activists tried to set up a camp on private property owned by the Dakota Access pipeline company and blocked Highway 1806, resulting in 76 arrests.

The highly charged situation made it too dangerous for drivers with Dakota Sanitation to move in and out of the camp near the town of Cannon Ball, Mr. Doering said.

“It just wasn’t safe, given that they had blocked the road,” he said. “It was doubtful that they were going to let the trucks in, and then the operation pretty much took all day to evict the protesters.”

Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman Dave Archambault II has urged protesters for months to vacate the area, citing the environmental damage to the prairie as well as the risk to people and property from the flooding.

To recap; protesters claim they’re there to save the environment and stand up for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Instead of accomplishing those goals, they left behind an environmental emergency and won’t take the advice of the tribe they claim to be defending. Makes sense.

Just like other protests breaking out across the country, the Standing Rock protesters are devoid of any reason or logic. Protesting just to protest might make you feel good, but it doesn’t actually accomplish anything of merit.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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