Remember when a liberal shouted at Ivanka Trump on a plane? Here’s what happened when someone recognized Mike Rowe….

Just before Christmas last year, Ivanka Trump was flying (gasp!-commercial and – double gasp!- coach) with her husband and three children when she was verbally berated by a gay New York lawyer who shouted “your father is ruining this country” — which was quite a feat, considering he hadn’t actually been inaugurated as president at that point.

In any event, the man and his husband were thrown off the plane (sadly, it was not in the air at the time).

Fast forward to this past week, with another conservative celebrity sighting on a plane, only this time the result was a little different.

Per IJ Review, a “Dirty Jobs” fan named Jason Eichenholz happened to recognize Mike Rowe in on a flight. He sent a message to a friend who in turn posted a message to Mike Rowe’s Facebook page.


Rowe began by sharing a message he received from a friend of Eichenholz:

Bryan Tittle to Mike Rowe

Hey Mike. Don’t know if you are bored waiting for your flight to leave but my friend Jason Eichenholz says he is sitting across from you on the plane. How about blowing his mind and asking him if he is Jason and that you have heard all about him? That is of course, if you are checking Facebook on your phone, like so many do when bored. Safe flight.

Amazingly, Rowe respondied to Bryan, and gave his account of the story…

Hi Bryan

Just saw your note. Funny thing. Couple hours ago, somewhere over Nevada, a guy gave me a nod on his way out of the can. I pretended not to notice him because I wasn’t really up for a conversation. I’ve got the flu, my head is splitting, and my nose is running like a faucet. Disgusting, really. Well, maybe he noticed my condition, or maybe he’s just naturally circumspect, but either way, he returned to his seat and left me to my mucus.

Later though, this same guy reaches across the aisle and hands me a note. Judging from the signature, this is the guy you’re talking about. Unless of course, there are two Jason Eichenholz’s on this flight. (This is him, working on a spreadsheet in 6E. Not that I was eavesdropping, but he appears to be involved in some very technical stuff.)

Anyway, I’m posting his kind words because I think they speak well of us both. And I’m posting his photo because I think he’ll enjoy the irony. Especially if a few hundred people chime in to say, “Hey Jason – thanks for being so respectful of a B-List celebrity’s privacy!”

Or something cleverer.

If that doesn’t blow his mind Bryan, nothing will…

Carry on,

Jason’s note reads:

Mr Rowe-

I wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of yours. Your outlook on life and calming perspective are very much needed nowadays.

I thought a note might be a better way to show my appreciation for all that you do, while allowing you a few hours of anonymity on the flight. I really enjoy your videos on Facebook. Especially the ones about your mom!!! She sounds just like mine.

I also wanted you to know that I am trying really hard to create jobs for people here in the USA. I need skilled workers to build our latest high tech products. We are proud to have created more than 85 jobs in the last year and I expect to hire another 50+ electronic techs, assemblers, and testers in 2017. We have even reached out to the VA to engage them and their VAE (electronics) program.

Keep up the good work. It was an honor to fly with you.

Working smart and hard!!!

Jason Eichenholz
Seat 6E

Rowe responded in typical fashion: “In turn for posting his picture without permission, I gave him an autographed barf bag. Seemed a fair trade…”

barf bag

What a guy. Of course it’s probably unfair to compare how liberals react on planes versus how conservatives react. It’s not an apples to oranges comparison.

More like apples to nuts. Good to know there are nice people like Rowe and Eichenholz still flying the friendly skies.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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