What Trump did today will have YUGE impact on…

When Donald Trump was running for president, he made it quite clear that fixing our anemic economy was one of his top priorities, and thus far, with barely two weeks under his belt, it seems he’s bent on proving that to be 100% true.

The new administration has already caught the eye of investors seeing a positive impact on stock prices. And, of course, The Donald continues to open doors so companies like Samsung and others can build factories here and invest in our economy.

The president’s latest action in this arena involves a big meeting with executives from some of America’s largest companies to discuss his pro-jobs agenda.

According to NBC:

President Donald Trump convened with the heads of some of America’s largest corporations on Friday at the White House for a meeting intended to make good on the administration’s pledge to reduce regulation, promote women in the workplace, and cut taxes.

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, told CNBC it had been a “fabulous meeting” and said the president “engaged forcefully” on every topic.

Steve Schwarzman, CEO of private equity firm Blackstone and chairman of the council that arranged Friday’s meeting, said the session had been “spirited intellectually” and that the members had had a “balanced discussion” about “taxes, trade, infrastructure, women’s issues, education, and how to bring home jobs in terms of training people in technology.”

Other attendees at Friday’s business huddle included members of Trump’s economic advisory council, such as JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon, Walt Disney’s Bob Iger, Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon, and Mary Barra of General Motors.

One notable absentee was Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, who resigned from his spot on the president’s council Thursday amid fierce backlash from customers furious at Kalanick’s seeming connection to Trump’s controversial travel ban that limits travel to America from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Kalanick said Thursday that his participation on Trump’s council was not meant to be construed as any endorsement of Trump’s policies.

However, billionaire inventor and environmentalist Elon Musk, also heavily criticized for his position on the board due to seemingly contradictory stances with Trump, has not shied away from his role. In contrast to Kalanick, Musk tweeted a message on Thursday explaining that he was remaining on the board in order to “serve the greater good.”

This seems like a promising start toward redeveloping America’s economy, drive, and innovation.

There’s little doubt we possess some of the best and brightest the world has to offer in just about every field imaginable, but without freedom for businesses to do their work unhindered by oppressive regulations and taxation that destroys profits, and prevents expansion, it’s all for naught.

Let’s hope the majority of the action Trump takes to help rebuild our economy and put folks back to work involves lessening the tax burden on small businesses and employees alike, giving companies a chance to keep more of their profits and use them to create new jobs and opportunities for Americans struggling to make ends meet.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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