BREAKING: Trump takes SERIOUS action against Iran

On Monday,  Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels launched a suicide attack on a Saudi Arabian frigate off Yemen’s coast. Two crew-members were killed, and three were injured. The Houthis, who are Shia, have been fighting against Saudi Arabia (which has a Sunni government) since 2015.

The attack was surprising in that it’s rare for the Houthis to launch suicide attacks (unlike some of their other Jihadist counterparts) — and even more surprising in that it may have been intended for an American target. Two defense officials told Fox News that the intended target may have been an American warship. We also learned Monday that the day prior, Iran had conducted their first ballistic missile test since Trump took office, violating a UN resolution in the process. Not long-after, Donald Trump announced that Iran was being put “on notice.”

It didn’t take long for that “notice” to be turned into action. Trump sent out the following Tweet this morning:

… which was followed up by Trump proving himself. As the Wall Street Journal reported,  The Trump administration is set to impose fresh sanctions on dozens of Iranian entities for their alleged role in missile development and terrorism, in a move likely to escalate U.S. tensions with Tehran, according to people close to the deliberations.

The penalties on these Iranian companies, individuals and military organizations could be announced as early as Friday, said these individuals. They would follow the Trump White House’s announcement on Wednesday that it was putting Iran “on notice” for its recent ballistic missile tests and support for militant groups in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.

Mr. Trump’s National Security Council has drafted a list of around 25 Iranian entities that will be targeted, those people said. Mr. Trump is expected to sign executive orders authorizing the penalties.

Below is a quick refresher on who Trump is working with here:

[Note; This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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