Whoopi makes truly JAW-DROPPING statement on Trump; liberals silent…

There are some celebrities who, whenever they open their mouths about political matters, can be relied upon to say something ignorant. Extremely high on that list is Whoopi Goldberg. The 61-year-old co-host of ABC’s The View (affectionately referred to in many circles as “The Cackling Hens”) out did herself this week when she compared President Donald Trump to the Taliban.

Fox News Entertainment summarized Goldberg’s comments:

“We have had a leader who’s repeatedly demeaned women, wants to defund organizations that benefit women, calling on the media to shut up, specifically wants to give preferential treatment based on religion, are these values really much different than the Taliban’s? If you’re saying to the media shut up — that’s what [the Taliban] do. Maybe they didn’t start out chopping people’s heads off, maybe they started out differently…  ” 

“This is what makes us different from everybody else. Our media, nobody tells our media to shut up and just take it. Nobody. That’s not American. That is the Taliban.”

Just for the record, the person who told the media to “shut up” was White House counselor Steve Bannon and no one seems to pay attention to the fact there was an “and” after that: “and listen for awhile.”

That the left in America is coming completely unglued is known and apparent to all, but this is startling even for leftwing Hollywood lunacy. Trump is the same as the Taliban? Whoopi, maybe you ought to do a little homework on the brutal barbarians you’re comparing our president to before opening your yap.

There are many websites, mostly humanitarian aid organizations, that chronicle the brutality and atrocities of the Taliban. One, Let Us Build Pakistan provides the following information on this group to whom Goldberg seems to think Trump may as well belong:

The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist (Deobandi) militant movement of Pashtun tribesmen …Below are a few of many examples from their growing catalogue of terrorist atrocities.

Among the accounts of mutilations, beatings and arbitrary executions there was evidence of a new abomination: the torture of children. An unknown number of infants were savagely beaten during the Islamic militia’s 14-month occupation of Taloqan, the former headquarters of the Alliance, usually for the supposed crimes of their parents.

The barbarity of the Taliban plumbed new depths when troops shot dead eight boys for daring to laugh.

A refugee described how the Taliban burnt an entire family to death in their own home… He says he saw them bringing out the blackened bodies of the children.

‘The Taliban commanders killed 100 of our friends,’ said this defector, adding, ‘They hung their bodies from lamp posts as a warning to the rest of us.’”

This is a very abbreviated list. LUBP goes on and on and other sites provide details that are far more gory. Whoopi my dear, accusing CNN of being what it is (biased, mostly fake news) is not the same as burning children alive.

This over-the-top rhetoric from the left, particularly those with a national platform like Goldberg, is offensive and irresponsible. There was once a time in the American media’s history that Goldberg would have been fired immediately for uttering such inflammatory nonsense about anyone let alone the POTUS. But today? Chances are she won’t even issue a retraction or apology.

In fact, The View’s producers are probably asking for more.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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