President Trump may have just landed another HUGE win; liberals SILENT…

President Donald Trump is one of the few “politicians” in our nation’s history who continues to catch criticism for actually keeping his campaign promises. And, it looks like he’s about to agitate haters on the left even further by another boost to our economy.

When the man said there would be so much winning we’d get sick of it, he really meant it. The “Trump effect” is striking again, and this time it seems the real estate mogul might have opened the door for Samsung to consider building a factory here in America.

According to Axios:

Samsung is considering constructing a U.S. factory to produce home appliances, per Reuters. If the plan comes to fruition, Samsung would join Whirlpool as the only major appliance companies that manufacture in the United States.

A win-win: Companies can grab headlines with news of even considering bringing production to the U.S., and the Trump White House benefits from the ability to take credit. These moves may not add up to significant job growth, but it’s hard to beat the PR.

Here are a few more details from Business Insider:

Samsung Electronics may build a manufacturing base in the United States for its home appliances business, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters on Thursday, amid growing concerns about protectionist policies pursued by the new Trump administration.

The person, who declined to be identified due to lack of authorization to speak publicly on the matter, told Reuters that Samsung has not yet decided on specifics including how much it might invest and where it might build a new base.

Samsung said in an emailed statement that the company continues to “evaluate new investment needs” in the United States.

LG Electronics is looking at Tennessee as a location for a new home appliances and television plant that is under consideration, a separate source familiar with the matter said.

Trump is encouraging companies to invest in our nation again, which means more jobs and opportunities for Americans to finally achieve financial success and get back to work.

President Trump is not doing this by abusing his executive power, but by using his authority to restrain government and provide incentives for business owners to come here, which is precisely what President Obama should’ve been doing, but you know, progressive wealth redistribution sort of hindered that idea.

For far too long, citizens have felt as though the American dream is dead, buried, and decayed. Trump is proving it’s still alive and well, giving many across the country a true sense of hope they haven’t had in nearly a decade.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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