ISIS captures mother and children: what happened next is too HORRIFIC to show

There’s a lot of “fake news” going around in America about something that doesn’t exist, a so-called “Muslim ban.” It was Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Monyihan who once quipped, “You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.”

Here we have a Women’s March that was so misguided in its objective, yet we hear nothing from these so-called “feminists” on stories such as this.

As reported by the Christian Post, The Islamic State terrorist organization burned alive an entire family — a mother and four young children — after it was caught trying to flee from the group’s stronghold in the Kirkuk province of Iraq.

Even in the Kirkuk province, where IS has maintained a grasp on its territory, militants are trying to intimidate locals out of thinking about leaving the territory. According to, a security source within the Kirkuk province has detailed the horrifying death that a mother and her four children faced at the hands of IS militants.

The source told the independent Iraqi satellite TV network Alsumaria that IS had burned alive the unnamed mother and her four children in a town southwest of Kirkuk on charges that they tried to abandon the “caliphate.”

According to the IraqiNews report, the family was captured by IS militants while walking on a road that links the town of al-Riyad and the Hamrin Mountains.

The source, who chose to remain anonymous, explained that the four children consisted of three girls and a 9-month-old baby boy.

The five victims were burned to death in mid-January in front of a crowd of onlookers in the IS stronghold of Hawija, which lies about 41 miles southwest of Kirkuk and about 110 miles southeast of Mosul.

The militants first tied up the mother and her kids. Then, they poured oil all over their bodies before lighting a flame and setting them a ablaze.

We shared with y’all here that a Women’s March organizer, Linda Sarsour, has been found on record supporting Sharia Law. Is this what the progressive socialist left in America is now accepting? And here in America, our media is going apoplectic because our National Security Advisor stated that “Iran was now on notice.”

Damn, we can’t even talk mean to the country that’s the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism? How in God’s gracious name are we going to be able to defeat this resident evil if we’re embracing its destructive, savage, and barbaric ideology and shamed of speaking tough about it — if even speaking of it at all? I would have no issue with the left save for their continued blatant hypocrisy, it must end.

Islam needs a reformation. Muslims are not victims. And we in the West need to grow a pair.

Let’s start telling the truth, reporting facts, and end this game of overly opinionated politically-charged protesting, rooted in fiction and talking points, not reality.

There were two major reasons why Donald Trump won in November 2016. One was the economy. The other is our national security and strengthening our defense — the latter is vital. And key to our national security is to lucidly identify this enemy, and stop the belief that compassion, unity and love will stop animals from burning a family alive.


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