Convicted child rapists shout SHOCKING statement in court; audience STUNNED

One of the more troubling aspects of the modern progressive movement is the belief in cultural relativism. Although Americans believe in the free exercise of religion, it’s hard to rationalize the connection between Islam and its treatment of women’s rights.

However, that truth won’t dissuade liberals from trying, because, in their minds, there is no right or wrong, simply different cultures. It’s how they justify marching for gay rights, while simultaneously defending a culture where homosexuality can lead to execution. It’s how they justify marching for women’s rights, while they turn the other way when it comes to a culture that treats women as second class citizens.

Nonetheless, people are free to practice Islam in the United States and the West. We only ask respect for our laws and our culture in return. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. There’s been a growing movement in the West to allow aspects of Sharia Law into the court system. Although, the trend is more pervasive in Europe, it’s growing in the United States as well.

Perhaps nowhere was this growing trend more apparent than in a UK courtroom after a sentencing for child rapists. From Express:

Six men were given sentences between 10 years and 20 years — and totaling more than 80 years — by a judge who heard details of how two young girls were groomed and sexually abused in the South Yorkshire town between 1999 and 2001. 

Judge Sarah Wright described how one of the girls was plied with alcohol and drugs and was having sex with a number of men from the age of 11. 

The victim, in a statement read to the court, said: “There’s evil and truly evil people in the world. I feel my child was the product of pure evil.” 

Judge Wright paid tribute to the woman, who was sitting just a few feet away from her in the packed courtroom. 

The judge said: “As a result of what happened to her, her childhood and adolescence was taken from her. 

“She remarkably transformed her life from thereon, putting her own child first. 

“Hers is a tale of the most astonishing dedication and bravery.” 

There were emotional and chaotic scenes at Sheffield Crown Court after two of the defendants shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they were led from the dock. 

As their supporters began shouting down into the court, one of the victims shouted back “justice is served” as police moved into the public gallery. 

It’s not only shocking that someone would appeal to their religion after being convicted of raping an 11-year-old girl, but that they would have a courtroom full of supporters outraged at their jail sentence. How can people sympathize with this kind of behavior?

Of course, some say it’s just “their culture.” But when part of your culture includes the accepted practice of raping young children, we are under no obligation to defend it.

If liberals get their way, immigration and freedom of religion will mean freedom to redefine our laws, and freedoms to redefine our values. This is not something we can allow in the United States.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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