Russell Wilson has INSANE prediction! But it’s not about the Super Bowl…

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - JANUARY 31: Russell Wilson visits "Extra" at Universal Studios Hollywood on January 31, 2017 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

Americans looking for an outlet to entertain themselves for a couple of hours are running out of places to look.

Even though we all care about the future of our country, sometimes it’s nice to get away from the commotion and get lost in a book or movie.

By now, we’re all used to spoiled Hollywood celebrities lecturing us on how we should think. The entertainment industry has joined the mainstream media as a propaganda wing for liberal causes, so it’s no longer a surprise when some actor gets on stage in front of their echo-chamber and delivers a speech we have heard hundreds of times already.

Until recently, the one place Americans could count on for a distraction from the rigors of reality was sports. Sadly, that arena is starting to become tainted by liberal politics as well. From Colin Kaepernick starting a national trend to kneel during the national anthem, to LeBron James vowing not to stay at Trump hotels, athletes have injected themselves into the political sphere.

However, it’s not just the athletes themselves that are choosing to speak out. In September, the NCAA pulled events from North Carolina because voters there had the audacity to support conservative policies. More recently, a reporter from USA Today went on a pathetic tirade, calling on New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, to disavow his relationship with President Trump.

It might not be so bad if these celebrities and athletes actually knew what they were talking about, but that’s not usually the case. As a perfect example, Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, took to Facebook recently to deliver his astonishingly silly opinion.

From The Blaze:

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tapped into Facebook Live while he was getting a haircut, TMZ Sports reported, and shared some observations on Republican President Donald Trump’s first days in office.

“This thing’s getting out of hand,” he said as a camera rolled, adding: “All the negativity that’s happened, it’s already too much. It’s already crazy. It’s already affecting people’s hearts and souls and lives in such a negative way, in my opinion.”

Clarifying early on “just so you know, I voted for Hillary,” Wilson said protesters against Trump’s immigration ban at Los Angeles International Airport were “all over the place, fighting for their lives.”

“If we’re gonna be a nation that says we’re equal, we have to be equal,” he declared, adding that his “Christian faith” says “we still have to love everybody, no matter what our issues are.”

With that Wilson gave a prediction of sorts regarding Trump’s staying power in the Oval Office: “I don’t even know if he’s gonna be able to last four years, in my opinion.”

Of course, Wilson had no basis for making the claim. In today’s social media world, all you need is a following and an opinion to make yourself look like a fool. Wilson is just the latest to join the club.

What’s so much more concerning about this trend is that, in a way, it represents the end of a united country. Sports were once an area where we could all come together and enjoy a welcome distraction. No matter your political persuasion, you could join together with fellow Americans and cheer on your team. Sports gave us a common ground to put our differences aside and enjoy our similarities. Now, it’s just another part of American life tainted with politics.

Sadly, it only seems to be one side of the political spectrum that is so convinced they hold the moral high ground; that they can lecture, bully, and disrespect their fellow Americans for the simple crime of disagreeing with them. It’s time for liberals to get off the soapbox before they poison everything.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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