Lawmaker wages OUTRAGEOUS attack on Melania Trump

On any given day, Democrat pundits on television and talk radio tear into Donald Trump for his past pursuit of a valid birth certificate — or other form of proof — showing President Obama was indeed a natural-born citizen of the United States, and thereby met the constitutional requirement to hold the office. Many blamed — and still do blame — Trump by calling him the father of “birtherism” and consider the entire episode a black eye on American politics and an embarrassment on a worldwide stage.

Funny how things change: the what-we-once-were-against-we’re-now-in-favor-of shoe is now on the other foot.

Breitbart is currently running a story about a California (what a shock) state legislator from Berkeley (what a shock), leading the Democrat’s (what a shock) push to have Melania Trump’s immigration papers made public.

“California State Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) is renewing a demand to see First Lady Melania Trump’s immigration papers — and issue Democrats first raised during the election campaign.

Skinner expanded on her demand in an interview with Politico this week:

“No one in the Trump operation has released any of the documentation to indicate what was the circumstance, or whether she had full legal status. We only know they had a lawyer look at whatever papers she chose to give.”

Since there are no constitutional citizenship requirements for a first lady, we can only assume that Skinner and others are attempting to suggest Mrs. Trump should be a target of her husband’s temporary travel ban, which would paint him as a hypocrite.  The problem is, the ban singles out seven specific majority-Muslim nations (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen) for a temporary travel moratorium while the administration works with our military, Homeland Security, and intelligence community to review and improve vetting processes as necessary.

Mrs. Trump was born in (the former) Yugoslavia, not a named nation on the executive order. Since there’s no constitutional requirement, and since she is completely unaffected by the executive order, what specifically is Senator Skinner hoping to accomplish by going after the wife of our land’s highest ranking elected official?

Suppose, for the sake of conversation, that Mrs. Trump is in America illegally, shouldn’t California legislators be among her very best friends? Hasn’t California bestowed a generous bevy of “rights” upon illegals including driver’s licenses, voting rights and the ability to legally practice law?

Los Angeles, broke as it is, recently unveiled a $10 million legal defense fund (tab covered by taxpayers, of course) for illegals. So even if Mrs. Trump were an illegal, shouldn’t Skinner be her strongest advocate? Nope. Not unless that shoe is on the left foot.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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