Another Trump WIN…

Donald Trump has been hard at work attempting to undo the damage our nation suffered after eight years of failed policies from the Obama administration. While he’s making strides on important issues like national security and immigration, it seems his biggest impact might be on the economy.

America’s economic health has been on life support ever since the housing bubble burst back in 2008. Our last commander in chief did little to improve things, implementing many policies and regulations — like Obamacare — that ended up hurting small businesses and putting even more people out of work.

President Trump is working to reverse that course, and much of what he’s doing has caught the attention of investors who are hoping the policy talk coming from the administration will improve stockpicking.

Reuters is reporting:

A dizzying stream of market-moving tweets and policy talk by President Donald Trump is finding a hopeful but anxious audience among professional investors looking to make stockpicking great again.

After years of losing ground to index funds, portfolio managers and wealth advisers say Trump’s assertive moves, like singling out individual companies, may create a chance to set their investment strategies apart – even if they think some of Trump’s verbal assaults are just bluster. “If he’s going to create volatility, we’re going to take advantage of it,” said Ross Gerber, president of California wealth management firm Gerber Kawasaki Inc.

The article continues:

Trump’s pledge to shake up regulations affecting sectors such as finance, autos and healthcare, as well as his promise to cut taxes, could create big corporate winners and losers. That could give active fund managers an opportunity, in theory, to showcase their skills.

“This administration was elected with many people hoping for change, and that’s going to upset the apple cart with old losers coming back in favor,” said Scott Schermerhorn, chief executive of Granite Investment Advisors in New Hampshire.

The lack of economic opportunity spread across the country as a result of Obama’s many failures, is largely responsible for the election of Donald Trump in the first place.

With unemployment at an all time high, insurance premiums skyrocketing, and small businesses seeing more profits get flushed down the toilet, it’s time to try something new.

Hopefully, Trump’s business experience, combined with a desire to remove governmental obstacles in the private sector, can revitalize the American dream, and help people once again achieve some level of financial security.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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