What House Republicans are doing NOW is making liberals FURIOUS

President Trump’s fiery enthusiasm for actually getting things done seems to be spreading from the Oval Office to the halls of Congress, as House Republicans are gearing up to dismantle several Obama-era regulations.

The former president’s legacy has been slowly taken apart bit by bit over the last week as the new administration wasted no time getting to work, implementing a number of executive orders meant to undo some of the damage left behind by the Obama administration.

The regulations in the House GOP’s cross-hairs include those involving corruption, the environment, and labor and guns.

Reuters is reporting:

Republicans put as much urgency on limiting what they consider over-regulation that stifles economic growth as they do on overhauling the tax code and dismantling the Affordable Care Act, according to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Under the Congressional Review Act, Congress can use simple majority votes to stop recent regulations in their tracks. Timing in the law means any rules enacted after May 31 are eligible for axing.

While the Republican-led House of Representatives has passed bills limiting agencies since it convened on Jan. 3, this week marks the first time it has targeted specific rules this year.

Republican President Donald Trump on Monday ordered scrapping two existing rules whenever a new one is approved.

The House Rules Committee was expected on Monday evening to send to the full chamber a measure axing three regulations enacted under former President Barack Obama, a Democrat. They were the Stream Protection Rule, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s “resource extraction rule,” and the Social Security Administration’s expanded background checks on disabled gun buyers.

On Tuesday it will send another measure overturning rules on methane and federal contractors. The full body is expected to pass both measures on Wednesday and then hand them off to the Senate.

The extraction rule, which took six years to complete, was approved this summer and requires companies such as Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) to state publicly how much they pay governments in taxes and other fees. Critics say the rule hurts U.S. energy companies, while human rights groups argue it reduces corruption.

The Interior Department took years to craft the stream rule, hoping to prevent coal-mining waste from contaminating water sources in areas near mountain-top removal mining sites. Critics say it is unnecessary and goes too far, wiping out jobs and usurping state rights.

As you might imagine, liberals in Congress are furious about the rollbacks taking place, but, unfortunately for them, they don’t have many tools at their disposal to stop the GOP from carrying out their plans.

This is forcing leftist legislators to prop up activists and attempt to raise public support against the measures being taken by Republicans through events and rallies, but it’s highly unlikely this will have any sort of significant impact on stopping the rollbacks.

It’s going to be a really long, agonizing four years for our Democrat friends, isn’t it?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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