ALERT: libs push new strategy to DEFEAT Trump…

President Trump might just be one of the most influential political figures of our time, capable of mobilizing and emboldening folks to get involved in the process of government in our country.

We’ve seen how he’s been able to connect to the average American who feels alienated by establishment politicians, turning out record numbers of voters during the election, and firing up folks who normally wouldn’t give two hoots for the whole mess in Washington.

Unfortunately, it seems he’s also — unintentionally — inspired hordes of radical leftists to get up off the couch in mom’s basement and give politics the old college try.

According to Huffington Post:

More than 1,000 progressives signed up to run for office this weekend following President Donald Trump’s executive action targeting immigrants and refugees.

And that’s just through one organization.

Run for Something, a new grass-roots group that helps young Democrats run for local and state office, announced Monday that it nearly doubled its total number of recruits ― from 1,200 to 2,200 ― in the last three days. The organization, which launched on Jan. 20, the day of Trump’s inauguration, was already surging with interest before Trump signed an executive order Friday that bans Syrians from taking refuge in the United States, halts the U.S. refugee resettlement program for four months and temporarily blocks people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. at all.

The president’s action, which comes amid a wave of nationwide protests against him, sparked chaos at U.S. airports over the weekend as refugees and immigrants arrived only to be detained or told they couldn’t enter the country. Thousands of protesters showed up at airports to speak out against the Muslim ban and demand that arriving immigrants be let through.

Amanda Litman, co-founder of Run for Something, said Trump is doing a great job of driving furious Democrats into public service.

“Anyone leading a protest or organizing friends to get to a local airport should think about running for office,” Litman said. “Trump’s presidency is already inspiring an incredible wave of energy and re-engagement in civic life ― running and winning is how we capture that and make it last.”

While liberals across the country might be taking a more active interest in running for office since Trump has been sworn in, the real question is whether or not these people will follow through and if so, do they stand any chance of winning?

With the antics we’ve seen pop up across the country with wild and out of control protests and temper tantrums, it seems lefties are only strengthening Trump’s position and appeal, leading some who were only borderline supporters of The Donald to completely jump on board and back the real estate mogul’s administration.

If those truly unhappy with the way things are unfolding want something different, perhaps a change in strategy is in order — such as acting like adults, and presenting grievances in a mature manner…tactics that would ultimately lend credibility to their concerns and enable others to take their arguments seriously.

It’s doubtful that will happen.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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