Trump’s silence on ONE issue just caused an international MELTDOWN

There’s an interesting phenomenon going on right now, and it’s causing quite the kerfuffle. We have had a new president, our 45th, for one week, and it almost appears that Donald J. Trump has been in office for six months.

There’s been so very much activity in just seven days — and productive activity. Sure, there has been the occasional distraction but for the most part we see someone who is actually doing what he said he would. And it’s very confounding to the progressive socialist left because they are getting a lesson in civics.

Barack Obama stated, “I have a pen and a phone,” insinuating that he’d take unilateral executive action to push forward his agenda. You see, Obama brought about the legislative demise of the Democrat Party with his massive losses in the House and Senate in 2010 and 2014 respectively. Regardless, Obama’s belief — and that of the left — was that Hillary Clinton would win the November election and his executive actions would stand. They even believed they’d win the Senate and relegate a GOP House into certain irrelevance, which is what Harry Reid was able to do as Senate Majority Leader.

But my, oh my, did fortunes truly shift for the liberal progressive left and we’re witnessing their total and complete meltdown. These are the folks who speak within their own bubbles and because of their tactics of coercion and intimidation, many who were going to vote for Trump said nothing. In essence, the silent majority showed the left they are the majority, and like petulant children, the progressive left cannot stop with their incessant temper tantrums. They have no message, no policy vision, and their fundamental transformation agenda failed…resulting in its utter rejection and repudiation. However, they still haven’t read the memo America sent them last November and have decided to yell and scream even more — a failing tactic that will result in even greater electoral losses. Trust me.

But, it’s not just our chucklehead friends on the left who are failing to accept the reality before them, there are others across the globe.

As reported by United with Israel, “The Trump administration did not condemn Israel for its announced plans to build housing units in Judea and Samaria, and the Palestinians are deeply upset. 

The Trump administration did not denounce Israel for its announcement on Tuesday that it had authorized construction of 2,500 housing units in various locations in Judea and Samaria. The lack of a condemnation from the US has greatly aggravated the Palestinians, who have grown accustomed to an automatic denunciation from the Obama administration to Israeli building activity in the region. 

Responding on Wednesday to the White House refusal to condemn Israel, Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Secretary-General Saeb Erekat told AFP, “We used to hear condemnations, we used to hear American positions saying [Israel] should stop settlement activities, [that] it’s an obstacle to peace.’” 

“Not commenting, does that mean that President Trump is encouraging… settlement activities? We need an answer from the American administration,” he demanded. According to AFP, Erekat said he was “shocked” that the White House did not comment on the announcement, adding that Israel had been emboldened by “what they consider encouragement by American President Donald Trump.” 

With lack of a negative US stance towards Israel, Erekat called on the “international community” to take action. “The international community must hold Israel accountable immediately for what it is doing,” he declared. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the administration was still forming its foreign policy team and that building in Judea and Samaria, among other issues, will be discussed when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Washington next month.”

When I read this, I just busted out a huge laugh. Apparently the slick, suit-wearing Islamic terrorists calling themselves the Palestinian Authority aka Fatah aka Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) just got the memo.

The reaction of being deeply upset is what I found humorous. Here were the PLO bubbas who just celebrated the deceitful action of the Obama administration in supporting the development and abstaining from the vote on UN Security Council Resolution 2334.

Over the past eight years, the Islamic terrorist brothers of Hamas have enjoyed a free reign and reveled in the constant condemnation of Israel by Barack Obama. And now, the kiddies just had their binky taken away…they really thought their ranting and insidious threats toward the Trump administration would yield them attention. Ya know, like the kids that throw themselves on the grocery aisle floor in a tantrum when they don’t get the cereal they want? Instead, the adult parents pushing the cart kept going and went to another aisle.

Now, some on the left would classify that as child abuse, but I call that giving a lesson. And just as a warning to the PLO and Fatah: don’t make us take off our belt…chances are only those of you raised down South know what I’m talking about.

Remember it was President Bill and first lady Hillary Clinton who entertained the original Arab terrorist, PLO leader Yasser Arafat, in the White House. And you can just bet that ol’ Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen, was reading American leftist liberal media and polls and had great confidence that Hillary Clinton would win.

Well, oops, no more John Kerry referring to Israel as an “apartheid state” and no more Barack Obama shunning Benjamin Netanyahu and deploying campaign operatives to Israel for his electoral defeat. No more of the confusing Middle Eastern foreign policy that abandoned our allies and emboldened our enemies…now our allies are emboldened.

And who are we to tell the Israelis where they can build homes, communities and neighborhoods? Carving up Israel to appease Islamic terrorists is no longer a viable option. As we shared yesterday, President Trump is going to defund the United Nations because of its anti-Israel actions and resolutions. He will not be a part of an organization, nor support one, that is disrespecting a recognized nation-state fighting for its survival against a group that refuses to accept its existence.

And if that makes the PLO bubbas deeply upset, well, get used to it. There’s a new sheriff in town, and America, the real America is back. Not that leading from behind, Islamist-sympathizing mess that existed for the previous eight years.

So, the PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat can be as shocked as he wants, but there will be no more condemnations of Israel emanating from these United States under the Trump administration. You can run all you want to the “international community;” we ain’t changing our mind. As a matter of fact ol’ Saeb had best be ready for our ending financial support to the PLO/Fatah/PA. And dude, if you think President Trump is going to make Prime Minister Netanyahu go out the back door of the White House, as Obama did, remember the old Judas Priest song: “You Got Another Thing Coming.”

In simple Southern lexicon Saeb, “sucks to be y’all.”


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