Trump serves up AWESOME response to liberal reporter’s tough question

After years and years in the public limelight, including on his own television show, President Trump has certainly honed his skills of thinking on his feet.

Throughout his campaign, it was his off-the-cuff remarks during rallies and debates that either generated cheers or jeers depending on which side you sit.

And of course we’re now accustomed to the fact that our president Does. Not. Give. In.

What some might call distractions regarding his Twitter scuffle over crowd sizes and voter fraud, to Trump it appears to be more like “sport.” He truly seems to be enjoying all of this.

Yesterday, he held a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May and the signature Trump wit was on display when a reporter from the BBC asked him a long and tough question.

As the Independent reports, The Prime Minister was appearing alongside the president at the White House as the first world leader to make an official visit since his inauguration.

He used the event to announce a state visit to the UK later this year and praised what he referred to as “wonderful” Brexit.

But he appeared to bristle upon fielding a question from the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg about his “alarming” beliefs regarding Russia, the use of torture and a potential ban on Muslims entering the US.

Turning to Ms May, he said: “This was your choice of a question? There goes THAT relationship.”

What’s perhaps as entertaining as Trump’s response is the liberal media meltdown over what was obviously a joke. The Independent said he “threatened the US-UK special relationship” and “appeared to bristle” when the question was asked. In fact the Daily Mail screamed in its headline that Trump “mocks BBC political editor.”

Did you see any mocking? Trump was just making a joke, and went on to answer the question. Cheese and crackers. Will you people just lighten up for once?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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