LeBron James delivers GIANT diss to President Trump

Should we really care what athletes and entertainers say about our president? Yes and no. No, because, well, their job is to play sports and “act” and sing. Who they vote for and support shouldn’t matter.

But yes, because they have big megaphones, and their careers depend on our patronage. So if we don’t like what they say and don’t want to pay for tickets to watch them do what they do, it matters.

It’s harder and harder these days to find any un-politicized entertainment event. We get bombarded at awards shows. We have athletes taking knees during the national anthem. We have television shows and movies that promote liberal agendas.

And even something as simple as a post-game interview becomes a bully pulpit.

As The Hill reports, Basketball star LeBron James on Friday turned a question about player voting in the NBA All-Star Game into a slam on President Trump and his supporters.

James was asked during a media session Friday about the All-Star Game rosters, which included some surprising choices that were voted into the game by NBA players.

“There’s always goofy votes,” James said.

“I mean, Donald Trump is our president,” he added, cracking a smile.

Yeah, yeah. Ha, ha. ha. Now get back to playing.

The president has so far not responded…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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