President Trump takes DRASTIC new action to…

Contrary to what we’ve been told by lefist radicals, the biggest threat to our national security is not global warming, but radical Islamic terrorism.

Thankfully, it seems we now have a president who takes said threat seriously and is already taking action in order to ensure our country is safe from groups like ISIS who want nothing more than to destroy our way of life and subject us to oppressive Sharia law.

In addition to the executive order signed just today, sanctioning the “extreme vetting” of those entering the country from places known to harbor radical jihadists, President Trump has decided to crack down on refugees, a move that has helped stop an Iranian pathway through the country of Austria.

According to Fox News:

Austria has shut its door to about 300 non-Muslim Iranians hoping to use the country as a way station before establishing new homes in the United States, The Associated Press has learned. The action is an early ripple effect of U.S. President Donald Trump’s effort to clamp down on refugee admissions.

Under a 27-year-old program originally approved by Congress to help Jews in the former Soviet Union, Austria had been serving until recently as a conduit for Iranian Jews, Christians and Baha’i, who were at risk in their home country and eligible to resettle in the United States. Iran has banned the Baha’i religion, which was founded in 1844 by a Persian nobleman considered a prophet by followers.

U.S. officials had been interviewing the candidates in Austria because they cannot do so in Iran. But the United States suspended the so-called “Iranian Lautenberg Program” in recent days, according to Austrian officials, who in turn stopped Iranians from reaching their territory. It’s unclear when the program might restart.

The episode isn’t directly linked to an executive order Trump is expected to sign, perhaps as soon as Friday, that would suspend the far broader U.S. refugee program for four months. But it reflects that knock-on effects already occurring from his tougher line on immigration and refugees. Similar to how tighter German migration rules had consequences across Europe, Trump’s actions could lead other nations to take a harder look at people wishing to use their territories as transit points.

A State Department email sent Tuesday said the Austrian government had “electronically canceled” its visas for applicants who hadn’t yet reached Austria. If they try to reach Austria anyway, they will be permanently blocked from Austria, according to the email, which was obtained by AP.

Schnoell said the move affects about 300 Iranians with visas waiting to enter Austria. He said about 100 of them had been tracked down and informed that they can no longer do so. The search continues for the rest through airline ticket bookings and other means, Schnoell said.

While it’s terrible so many people in Muslim countries are suffering at the hands of radical terrorists, allowing refugees into any country — especially without a very stringent vetting process — essentially invites the enemy into your territory to attack.

The tactics used by such despicable individuals make it difficult to tell people in need of rescue from radicals looking for an easy way to infiltrate the country.

Hopefully Trump will continue to take measures that will keep our country safe from ISIS, and will send in our military to deal with these miscreants once and for all.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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