3 young women have a message about Trump that EVERY American needs to hear…

As soon as Donald Trump won the election, American businesses reflected optimism about the future of the economy. Just one day after the election, the stock market began an historic rise, culminating in the Dow hitting 20,000 for the first time today. Not only that, a new Fox News poll revealed that a large majority of Americans feel confident that they will achieve their financial dreams.

With President Trump rolling out his agenda for the economy, many around the country are sensing things are about to change for the better. In one example, three young entrepreneurs say the new President has inspired them and their business aspirations.

From Fox Business:

President Donald Trump’s pro-business message gave three young entrepreneurs faith in the future of America’s economy.

The three sisters—Melissa, Courtney and Rachel Reed—joined FOX Business to discuss the impact of Trump’s message and their experience at his inauguration.

“Being business owners, we really felt we could relate to Donald Trump’s business experience and we’ve just had faith in him ever since the beginning that he would have what it takes to reinvigorate the American economy,” Melissa said during an interview on “After the Bell.”

She explained that the President gave her family “entrepreneurial confidence” for their business and inspired others across the entire country as well.

The full video:

The three were early supporters of Trump, working hard on spreading his message from the day he announced his candidacy. In the end, they were rewarded with a trip to Washington D.C. to celebrate the inauguration. Now with Trump in office, they believe that business owners around the country will have the same inspiration President Trump provided them.

To many, it’s no surprise that President Trump has businesses in the United States feeling good about their future. Trump is an extremely successful businessman himself, and knows what kind of policies are needed to help the economy thrive. If these three young Americans are any indication, the optimism about our economic future is spreading fast.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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