Libs learn you don’t mess with Texas…Cruz DESTROYS them with one shot

Internet rag Gawker went bankrupt months ago, but their portfolio of websites still operates after being purchased by Univision. One of their sites, sports blog Deadspin, got into an entertaining Twitter spat with Ted Cruz last night.

Two days ago, Deadspin had referenced a Politico story which detailed how Cruz is trying to “reinvent his role in Washington.” As the Washington Post reported:

Part of that effort is a “weekly basketball game” that the former presidential candidate has started in a Senate office building, with Politico reporting that “Cruz is said to be a surprisingly good jump-shooter with miserable form.” 

After that, Deadspin tweeted out the following:


Cruz himself (or, more likely, someone running his verified account) replied to that tweet, humorously posting a photo of the Duke star.


Shortly after Sen. Ted Cruz responded Tuesday to a Deadspin tweet by making light of his uncanny resemblance to Grayson Allen, the website shot back in terse — and highly vulgar — fashion.

That prompted Cruz to reply with a classic line from Will Ferrell in Anchorman:


Full scene below (Cruz references the line at 4:57):

Deadspin’s vulgar response, particularly following a joke from Cruz — not typically known for his sense of humor — had many Internet observers proclaiming the exchange a clear win for the senator.

Someone who edited Deadspin’s Wikipedia page clearly thought so:


Funny stuff. Even those who are no fan of Cruz thought he came out on top. He’s not the only politician to have responded to their vulgarity before either:


[Note: This post was written by The Analytical Economist]


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