Just in: as Trump takes office, new poll DISRUPTS liberal narrative

In the wake of President Trump’s inauguration, Democrats have been painting a picture of doom and gloom in an attempt to delegitimize his presidency. Less than a week in, liberals are still trying to undermine Trump by pointing to polls saying people disapprove of the President, and reminding us daily he lost the popular vote.

Listening to liberals for more than five minutes, it would appear the country is within minutes of collapse, but Americans aren’t buying the rhetoric. A new Fox News poll reveals that Americans are feeling more optimistic than ever.

From Fox News: 

A large majority of American voters believes they have achieved the American Dream — or it’s within sight for their family.

The latest Fox News Poll also asks, what defines the American Dream today? At the top, according to the national survey released Wednesday, is “retiring comfortably.” Some 88% feel that is extremely or very important to realizing the dream.

Next, 76% say “having a successful career” is important. That’s followed by “raising a family” (74%) and “making a valuable contribution” to their community (74%). 

“Owning a home” is seen as a big part of achieving the dream for nearly 7 in 10 (69%).  About 6 in 10 say “graduating college” (61%) and “being better off” than their parents (57%).

“Retiring comfortably” is the number one component of the Dream as defined by Baby Boomers (89% important), Generation Xers (88%), and Millennials (87%). “Raising a family” is next for Boomers (80 percent) and Gen Xers (75%), yet for Millennials it is “having a successful career” (81%).  

All in all, most believe their family has either achieved the American Dream (40 percent) or they’re on their way toward doing so (43%). Fifteen percent feel it’s “out of reach.” 

Not only does the poll undermine the narrative Americans are feeling doomed because of Trump, it also calls into question a cornerstone of the Democratic Party message. Democrats are always trying to convince us the American dream is dead, people are feeling hopeless, and the only way to solve this problem is for the government to tax and spend more on welfare programs. Sadly, for Democrats, Americans don’t agree with their narrative when it comes to the ability to achieve the American dream.

Americans have a long history as optimistic people. Although Democrats want us to think things are changing now that Trump is in office, Americans are feeling as optimistic as ever.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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