Here’s what liberals HATE to admit about the Women’s March

The women’s march is over, and American women enjoy all the same rights they did yesterday. In that regard the march was a success – though it’s not like any of their rights were at risk anyway.

The women’s march was a “women’s” march in name only, of course. Pro-life women weren’t welcome there, but pro-choice men were, which goes to show how they’re putting politics above everything else. It wasn’t a women’s march, it was an anti-Trump march under a different name.

Now, one of the key differences between conservative and liberal events and protests is what the aftermath looks like. Take a look at the aftermath of Obama’s first inauguration, and the Tea Party protests on Washington in response to it.

obama fans9-12-posr-rally2

Do you even need to be told which is which? Well here’s a hint: here’s what the aftermath of the women’s march looked like:

C2yo7XLXAAYWWQ5.jpg large





To their credit, they never did say the environment is a women’s issue. And who knows, maybe they wanted that “nasty women” label to stick?

And now they’ve got a bunch of men to clean up their mess…

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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