SNL writer makes DESPICABLE prediction about Barron Trump

As the homeschooling mother of three children — one of whom has successfully graduated and is rocking his first year of college — I (Marie Stroughter) have heard every “awkward homeschooler” remark out there.

Thus, it should be no surprise that Katie Rich, “writer” for Saturday Night Live, took it upon herself to inflict her political vitriol upon newly minted first son, Barron Trump.

Before shattering all the uninformed stereotypes Ms. Rich and those of her ilk get completely wrong, it should be pointed out that even her basic premise is erroneous: Barron Trump attends a private school in New York, and isn’t even a homeschooler!

Melania Trump has been roundly criticized on the internet for being a good mother: minimizing the effect of a “yuuuge” life change for her young pre-teen by keeping his routine stable and postponing the move to D.C. to allow him to finish out his year at his toney New York prep school. It’s not even “settled science” that he will be homeschooled upon his transition to D.C.

One of the broader points of the discussion should be how First Children – and potential First Children, such as the Palins – should be treated. Simple: off-limits. Surely, others remember how the internet broke when comments about Sasha and Malia Obama were made? And, the outrage was just. The kids don’t run for office, their parents do.

Barron has already been ridiculed — excuse me, bullied — online by celebrity mom, Rosie O’Donnell. She incurred the wrath of people everywhere when she suggested that the youngest Trump is autistic:


It’s ironic that before President Trump took office, so many were hysterical about being “marginalized,” and accused him of every “ism” and “phobia” out there. However, when it comes to enacting policies that actually give parents choices in education, homeschoolers are “marginalized,” and it’s the left that is “school choice-ophobic.”


The GOP established funding for the wildly successful DC Opportunity Scholarship voucher program that provided empirical evidence that the children enrolled — the very disadvantaged minority youth the left claims to care for — out-performed not only their traditionally-schooled minority peers, but non-minority peers as well. The Democrats, under Barack Obama, pulled the plug on it.

The National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) recently released a study on the effects of homeschooling in the black community, and the results weren’t surprising to any of us “in the trenches” of alternative education: homeschooled children out-perform traditionally-schooled children in every measurable category — wait for it — including socialization! With the nomination of Betsy DeVos to chair the Department of Education, hopefully the efficacy of alternative schooling will be something the nation recognizes soon.

Homeschooling arguments aside, calling a child a potential killer? Beyond the pale, lady. Stick to your pathetic Baldwin-as-Trump schtick, and leave the kids out of it.

[Note: This post was written by Marie Stroughter. Follow her on Twitter @MarieStroughter]


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