Transgender bathroom fight takes JAW DROPPING turn in VA

It didn’t take liberals long to find a new pet cause to adopt as a means of continuing the moral deterioration of America after getting a Supreme Court ruling to back same-sex marriage.

They barely had time to catch their collective breaths before joining the whole transgender bathroom movement, pushing hard to allow folks who identify opposite their DNA to use the bathroom of their choice.

Of course, the problem with this is the fact that loads of perverts and sex offenders will take advantage of this little scenario, putting women and children at risk of being victims of sexual assault.

Well, the rainbow crusaders just got some more good news as a bill submitted by conservatives to force transgenders to use the bathroom of their birth sex has been shot down — by a GOP-led panel.

According to Richmond.Com:

The bill, sponsored by conservative Del. Robert G. Marshall, R-Prince William, died on a voice vote in a seven-member House of Delegates subcommittee.

The legislation faced a certain veto from Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, but Marshall and social conservatives had pushed Republicans to bring it to the House floor for a vote.

At Thursday’s hearing, Marshall seemed angered when the panel swiftly moved to table his legislation with little discussion and no recorded vote.

“I think that’s despicable,” Marshall said.

Yes, dear readers, we now live in a day and age where it’s become acceptable for burly dudes with a five o’clock shadow to enter the ladies room solely based on uttering one sentence:

“I’m identifying as a woman today.”

If that isn’t completely terrifying, then it’s clear you aren’t getting the bigger picture here.

The majority of the problem isn’t those who legitimately do suffer from sort of disorder that makes them believe they’re the wrong gender. The problem is the miscreants who see this as an open door to harm people and totally get away with it by playing on the egregious lack of morality inherent in the liberal worldview.

No, legit transgenders likely wouldn’t hurt folks in a bathroom, but plenty of predators certainly would. How do these folks plan on figuring out who’s who?

The short answer is they don’t, which puts folks unnecessarily in danger, and thus, is an immoral action.

If only the left would take a moment to logically think all of this through, maybe, just maybe, they’d get why so many are opposed to such measures.


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