Obama sets BLAZING new record in final hours

President Obama has managed to take away a lot of different accolades during his eight years in office, such as the coveted title of “worst president in the history of presidents” among many others.

The man’s legacy is one that’s mired in scandals and controversies of such an impressive magnitude that he’ll never really escape from beneath their shadow.

However, it seems that the soon-to-be former president is also gunning for another title.

According to CNN, President Barack Obama granted 330 commutations, the White House announced Thursday, the most commutations given in a single day by a US president.

The announcement comes within 24 hours of the transfer of power from Obama to President-elect Donald Trump.

A White House official told CNN this is Obama’s final batch of clemency.

The move brings the total number of individuals who sentences Obama reduced to a total of 1,715, including 568 who had been sentenced to life in prison.

The large majority of sentences Obama commuted Thursday — and in total — were those that came from nonviolent drug offenses.

If these are Obama’s final acts of clemency that would apparently close the door on such an action for former American prisoner of war Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who has asked Obama for a pardon, Justice Department officials told CNN in December.

Bergdahl faces charges for leaving his post in Afghanistan in 2009. His court-martial is scheduled for February 6.

Most folks occupying the Oval Office hope to leave behind a legacy of improving the lives of the constituents voting them in office, knowing they kept them safe, helped promote prosperity, and protected their rights as laid out in the Constitution.

Not so with Obama. No, his main goal seemed to be accomplishing as little as possible while wasting as much money as possible, while going on as many golf outings as possible.

Fortunately, we’ve all survived the last eight years by the grace of God, and can finally shut the door on this eight year long nightmare.

Now we must turn our attention to praying for President Donald Trump and holding him accountable to the platform he ran on so that we truly can make America great again.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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