Liberal academia LOSES IT over this Trump action…

Liberals are being triggered all over America today as the Trump administration officially kicks off, causing the streets to flood with the tears of those who are in desperate need of a safe space.

President Trump, after being sworn into office, delivered a fine inauguration speech that made it clear he plans on placing America’s interests first over the course of the next four years, a notion that is making globalists gasp in shock.

With a message riddled with hope and optimism and plenty of talk of unity, you’d think folks would be happy, seeing as this isn’t the typical rough, unpolished Trump we’re used to seeing.


According to some, this was the “angriest speech ever.”

BBC is reporting, An expert in US politics has claimed President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech was the angriest he had ever heard.

Dr Mike Cornfield, associate professor of Political Management at the George Washington University, told BBC Radio 5 live’s Anna Foster he thought President Trump’s address was “extraordinary for a man who did not win the popular vote and who did not fill this mall”.

So a speech that outlines a leader’s intentions to improve his nation and make his people more prosperous is “the angriest speech ever?” Really?

Perhaps a speech talking about how we’re all going to get a bunch of free stuff — a total impossibility since there’s no such thing as a “free lunch” — and how a government that can’t even manage to properly deliver mail on a daily basis is going to take care of us is more this guy’s style?

If so, he’s more than welcome to take a hike, hit the road, and head on over to Europe. They love that sort of stuff over there.

Here in the real world, we value free markets and capitalism, both of which allow an individual to build something for themselves without being oppressed by power-hungry big government goons.

Trump’s speech is exactly what people who are fed up with the establishment in both parties have been dying to hear for a very long time. We’re all sick of politics as usual and are ready for the power to be stripped from big government and handed over to us, the people.

The fact “Mr. Intelligentsia” doesn’t get that is precisely why Democrats lost.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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