Obama THUMBS NOSE at liberals with final military act…

One of the biggest blunders of the Obama administration is — without a doubt — his disastrous foreign policy. Thankfully, we’re just only hours away from closing the book on that chapter forever.

The president’s weak liberal ideology helped make us a laughing stock on the world stage, created a vacuum for terror group ISIS to thrive, and allowed said radicals to carry out terrorist attacks across the globe, including here and home.

Well, it seems Obama doesn’t want to end his presidency looking like a complete and total wimp, so during the waning hours of his presidency he’s ordered a raid to kill 80 ISIS terrorists in Libya who were allegedly plotting attacks in Europe.

Or, maybe he’s just a big hypocrite for not remaining true to his leftist anti-war garbage?

The Telegraph is reporting:

President Barack Obama used his final hours in office to launch an attack in Libya that killed more than 80 terrorists, some of whom were actively plotting attacks on European soil, and to send a parting message to Vladimir Putin about US military power.

The raid by a pair of B-2 Spirit stealth bombers, and drones fitted with hellfire missiles, targeted two camps near Sirte, the former North African stronghold of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Terrorists were killed shortly after they had been spotted marching in formation, carrying weapons and mortars.

Speaking at the Pentagon on Mr Obama’s last full day in office Ash Carter, the US Defence Secretary, said: “These strikes were directed against some of Isil’s external plotters.

“They certainly are people who were actively plotting operations in Europe, and may also have been connected with some attacks that have already occurred in Europe.”

U.S. warplanes have dumped a total of 108 precision-guided bombs on various ISIS camps.

What’s hilarious is the fact the president still refuses to call this group of miscreants “ISIS,” nor will he refer to their twisted system of belief as radical Islamic terrorism.

Then again, this is the same fellow who believes climate change, not terrorism, is the greatest threat to our civilization.

It’s truly a momentous occasion to know this guy will no longer be our leader come tomorrow. Let’s hope Trump takes a hardline stance against ISIS and wipes them off the map, making the world a safer place.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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