Sheriff Clarke ROASTS CNN contributor after JAW-DROPPING claim

It’s a myth to say conservatives are enemies of diversity. In fact, there’s a particular form of diversity they favor that liberals would rather not exist: intellectual diversity. It certainly isn’t conservatives who think particular ethnic groups should all vote in lockstep, and if they think for themselves, something’s wrong.

Despite being branded a racist, sexist, Islamophobic, elitist xenophobe — among other choice terms — by the media at large, Donald Trump did have impressive minority turnout relative to other recent Republican presidential candidates. Trump won whites by a similar margin to Mitt Romney (Trump enjoyed a 21 point lead among whites, Romney had a 20 point lead), while Trump got a share of the black vote a third larger than Romney (and twice as large as McCain’s). He also garnered two percentage points more of the Latino vote than Romney.


Exactly what do liberals think about that eight percent of the black population that voted for Trump? Morehouse University professor and fired Fox News contributor Marc Lamont Hill (a man who thinks that blacks are incapable of racism, and that the GOP uses the English language as a language of “imperialism and global dominance”) made waves on Tuesday when he insulted a fellow panelist during a conversation about President-elect Donald Trump, calling him a “mediocre Negro.”

What we all hear is: “Agree with us or you’re mediocre!” .

A current black Fox News contributor (who likely won’t be getting fired anytime soon), Sheriff David Clarke, quickly fired back at Hill’s comments. As The Blaze reported:

On Tuesday Sheriff Clarke used his own charged language to fire back at the Morehouse College professor:

Hill responded:

Clarke then responded with some quotes by historical civil rights figures, warning against future race hustlers like Hill.


If those men were alive today, would Hill dare to brand any of them as a “mediocre Negro?”

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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