Millionaire REALITY STAR making a Trump-like political leap? You won’t BELIEVE who…

If the “sharks” on ABC’s Shark Tank talked politics on the show, they’d find more disagreement there than they do with their business deals.

Mark Cuban — the wealthiest man on the show — publicly backed Hillary Clinton. Using Trump’s favorite whipping post, he trolled the then-Republican nominee on Twitter, culminating in a $10 million pitch to Trump to agree to a four-hour long interview. Trump didn’t respond, so it appears, on that deal, he’s out.

Cuban hounded Trump on substance, predicting that “in the event that Trump wins, I have no doubt in my mind that the market tanks.” This was the general consensus among the financial elite, who turned out to be just as wrong as election pollsters. Kevin O’Leary — often known as “Mr. Wonderful” (for being anything but) — took the opposite position on the show. According to him, Trump would win and the market would soar.

Perhaps inspired by the former reality star he backed, now O’Leary is looking to become the Donald Trump of Canada — and anyone watching Shark Tank knows he has the personality suited for it.

CBS News reported:

Kevin O’Leary, a judge on the reality show “Shark Tank,” threw his chapeau into the ring Wednesday for the race to take on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

O’Leary entered into a crowded field running to lead Canada’s Conservative Party with a tweet. “It’s official, I’m in,” O’Leary said. “The Conservative Party of Canada needs a candidate who can beat Justin Trudeau and bring back jobs to this country!”

O’Leary later announced his decision on Canadian broadcaster CTV, CNBC reported. O’Leary’s announcement comes a day after 13 other candidates for the leadership position participated in a French-language debate.

Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enjoyed approval ratings of 65% in mid 2016, which dropped ten points to 55% by year-end as the honeymoon phase of his leadership finally began to wane. Who knows if he has a chance? It’s hard to trust the pollsters given November’s election.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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