Benghazi survivor drops TRUTH BOMB on Hollywood!

It’s almost as inevitable as the sun rising and the stars shining: when election season begins, Hollywood celebrities grace our screens. Not just to deliver bad movies, but bad political opinions as well. Nothing inspires the average American more than being lectured by a bunch of know-nothing celebrities on how they should think politically.

Of course, this year Hollywood’s hysteria over the election of Donald Trump has reached an entirely new level of crazy. Listen to them long enough, and you wouldn’t know that Armageddon was just a poorly done 90’s film, you’d actually think it was right around the corner. Celebrities are so out of touch with normal people, it’s a miracle they are even able to successfully portray one on the big screen.

One such real-life hero — who’s had his story told in the movies — has heard enough. Benghazi survivor Kris Paronto was asked to weigh in on this celebrity trend, and he didn’t hold anything back.

From The Blaze:

Paronto made sure to give credit where it was due, such as people like John Krasinski and Pablo Schriver who portrayed he and his compatriots in the movie about him, but pulled no punches when addressing some of these elite who live in that Hollywood bubble.

“But then you have these other celebrities,” said Paronto,” and you know what, you’re a monkey and somebody is turning the crank. You’re here to entertain us. When you’re gone, we don’t give a sh*t, we will find another monkey to do the job you were doing.”

“They’re not role models. There’s nothing courageous about sitting in your five million dollar mansion and looking down upon us. It’s arrogant, it’s pompous, and it’s not bravery,” he added.


Granted, Paronto — of all people — knew the stakes of this election more than almost anyone. After all, it was Donald Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, who hung him and his comrades out to dry in Benghazi. It’s unlikely he has much sympathy for celebrities distraught over the defeat of the candidate that is partially to blame for the deaths of four Americans that day.

Emotions aside, Paronto brings up points worth mentioning: celebrities live in a bubble, insulated from the lives of every day Americans. Most have no experience in politics, government, or military service. Why then, do they feel so empowered to tell all of us how we should feel?

In the end, Donald Trump won the election. The divisive rhetoric echoing from Hollywood does nothing to solve the problems our country faces. Celebrities should follow Paronto’s advice: unite together in the hope that President-elect Trump does a great job.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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