PUTIN comments on Trump “dossier;” what he said is BLOWING minds

Following Donald Trump’s victory in November, liberals were scrambling to come up with excuses for their loss. It couldn’t be that Donald Trump had a message that connected with the American voter, or that the Trump team ran a superior campaign. No, there has to be something nefarious at play.

Liberals blamed everything from the FBI to hackers for the election loss, but one of their favorite targets was so called “fake news.” To hear them tell it, any story that attacked Hillary Clinton or promoted Trump didn’t abide by acceptable journalistic practices. Of course, the media that supported Clinton went along with the narrative, bemoaning the competition to their usual monopoly on information.

However, when it comes to fake news, the main stream media might be the most guilty of generating it. “Respected” outlets like CNN and the New York Times spent the entire campaign trying to destroy Donald Trump’s candidacy. Ever since, they’ve been doing everything they can to attempt to delegitimize his presidency before he even gets a chance to take office.

When an apparent dossier on Trump was leaked, the media picked it up and ran with it. Despite the fact the leak contained information that wasn’t the least bit verified, the media ignored their own journalistic standards and released it to the world.

One foreign leader has watched it all unfold, and he’s seen enough. Russian President Vladimir Putin chastised the media and American liberals for undermining an elected leader and doing damage to American interests.

From the Washington Times:

Russian President Vladimir Putin came to Donald Trump’s defense Tuesday, rejecting allegations concerning the president-elect’s past behavior in a Moscow hotel room as a crude effort by the current White House to undermine Mr. Trump’s legitimacy before his administration even begins.

Speaking at a news conference in Moscow, the Russian president described a dossier containing allegations involving Mr. Trump as a parting shot from the Obama administration meant to muddle the incoming president’s term in office on the eve of his inauguration.

“In my opinion, there are several goals, some are obvious. The first is to undermine the legitimacy of the elected president of the United States. Incidentally, in this connection I would like to note that — whether people who do it want it or don’t want — they greatly damage U.S. interests,” Mr. Putin said, as reported by Sputnik, a state-owned media website.

“The second goal is to tie the hands [and] legs of the newly-elect president related to the implementation of his pre-election campaign’s promises to the American people and the international community,” Mr. Putin added, according to Sputnik.

Of course, Putin saw the accusations as illogical. Adding:

“This is a mature person who had been organizing beauty pageants for many years. He got to be around the most gorgeous women in the world. I doubt he would ever rush to a hotel to spend time with the local women of loose morals,” the Russian president said with respect to Mr. Trump at Tuesday’s presser, Sputnik reported.

“Prostitution is an ugly social phenomenon,” Mr. Putin added. “But people who order such fakes which are now used against the elected president of the United States, fabricate information and use it in the political struggle, they are worse than prostitutes, they have no moral limits.

The claims in the dossier were so outlandish, one would have to suspend reason to believe them. Instead, the media suspended all journalistic integrity by reporting them as if they were true. The media’s goal is to undermine a president they didn’t support, and that’s obvious to everyone, even as far away as Russia.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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