Jamie Foxx speaks out about Trump (BRACE yourself)

With President-elect Trump’s inauguration just a few days away, a lot of focus has been placed on Hollywood’s reaction to the idea that they’ll soon have the real-estate mogul as their new commander in chief.

We’ve seen tons of videos of celebrities making fools of themselves and pouting like school children over the fact Hillary lost the election — thanks to her own unbelievable corruption, lies, deceit, etc. While it seems the vast majority of these overpaid individuals are hopelessly leftists, there are a few more balanced voices emerging from the crowds.

A few days ago, we reported on Nicole Kidman’s voice of reason about the election results. Now to that list we add…Jamie Foxx?? Yes, indeed.

According to Essence:

It’s no secret that the 2016 presidential election was explosive, divisive and at times wildly inappropriate.

“This past political thing was horrible for the kids” the multi-talented Jamie Foxx tells ESSENCE, “because if you can’t have your children watch political debates and watch presidential debates, that’s where I think you got it wrong.”

In an interview promoting his latest action packed movie Sleepless — which hit theaters last Friday — Foxx shared his thoughts on the race, saying it was “sort of horrific on both ends.”

Even though the election rocked us all to the core and left us reeling, the star seems optimistic. “Regardless of who the president is, the spirit of America is always going to be great,” he said.

How refreshing to hear from an entertainer who isn’t all aboard the bash America train and actually has something positive to say about the land which has provided him an amazing opportunity to develop a craft that has afforded him a fantastic lifestyle?

Our nation is severely divided after a rather rough presidential election — not to mention after eight years of Barack Obama — but we’re not beyond healing and reconciliation. While we all hold strong political opinions, it doesn’t mean we have to hate each other.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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