HUMILIATED Democrat forced to…

Rep. John Lewis has been in the news a lot lately — first, for his remarks about the legitimacy of a President Trump — and now the claim that Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump will be the first he missed since he’s been in Congress.

Turns out his claim wasn’t exactly 100% accurate.

Trump took to Twitter not long after Lewis made the claim, and called him on for it, stating he also missed Bush 43’s inauguration.

After getting publicly humiliated by The Donald, Lewis decided to tuck tail and apologize.

Via Twitchy:

Rep. John Lewis has been forced to admit that Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday will not be the first inauguration of a president he’s missed, contrary to what he told Chuck Todd on “Meet The Press” on Sunday:

Rep. Lewis had tried to claim that Friday’s ceremony would be the “first one” he’s missed since he’s “been in Congress”:

It’s beyond unprofessional for a sitting member of Congress to completely disrespect the incoming commander in chief by making egregiously arrogant statements like ” I don’t believe Trump is the legitimate president.”

This not only is spitting in the face of the leader of our nation, but also in the faces of the American people who clearly elected Trump president.

In all honesty, anyone who makes such a comment clearly lacks the integrity to be an elected official.

If Lewis doesn’t want to attend the event, he can simply say so and let that be the end of it. Instead, these exaggerations are a thinly veiled attempt to suck up to the throngs of anti-Trumpers in hopes of keeping his job come election time.

The internet has a long memory. Statements can — and do — come back to haunt you.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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