Fox News personality in running for SUPREME COURT?

According to the betting odds at PredictIt, William H. Pryor Jr. is the gambler’s favorite when it comes to predicting Trump’s choice for Supreme Court, with a 29 percent change he’ll be the nominee. Following him are Diane Sykes ( 15 percent) and Thomas Hardiman (8 percent). All figures are as of 2pm EST, January 17.

Missing from the gambler’s radar is Judge Andrew Napolitano, a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst who was just spotted at Trump Tower for the second time today.

As PJ Media reported: The well-known libertarian-leaning Fox News analyst and former judge of the New Jersey Superior Court Andrew Napolitano was seen entering an elevator at Trump Tower Tuesday morning.

Speculation abounds as to why President-elect Donald Trump called Napolitano to pay him a visit. Trump might be seeking advice from the libertarian analyst — and maybe, just maybe he might be considering the Fox analyst for a Supreme Court position. While Napolitano is not one of the 21 names on Trump’s SCOTUS list, anything is possible.

Napolitano recently made news by suggesting that the Department of Justice (DOJ) could reopen the Hillary Clinton email case under Jeff Sessions.

Napolitano told Fox Business’ Suart Varney afterward that ““The President-elect is focusing on his choices, or his choice, for the Supreme Court of the United States.” He continued; “we discussed the judicial attitudes, judicial temperament, judicial ideology, and candidates for the court.”

If he’s not in consideration for what will be the most contested appointment Trump makes, he’s undeniably going to be influential in picking who that person is.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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