CNN releases EYE-OPENING poll numbers that have liberals fuming

Since the election, one thing has become increasingly clear. While Donald Trump continues to save manufacturing jobs, the only thing liberals seem to be able to manufacture is excuses. Among their favorite excuses for why they lost the election is alleged Russian interference. According to liberals, Hillary Clinton would have certainly won the election if not for the Russians taking Trump’s side!

Of course, they really haven’t been able to prove these allegations are true. Nor have they been able to prove any alleged Russian conduct had any impact on the election. That hasn’t stopped them from trying — even going so far as using the alleged Russian interference as an excuse to delegitimize Trump before he takes office.

Unfortunately, for liberals, a new poll released today by CNN/ORC tells an entirely different story. Not only are voters unsure about the claims that Russia interfered in the election, they doubt it had any significant impact on their voting habits. From CNN:

Majorities say that if the assessment were to prove true, these attempts would be a crisis or major problem for the US (65% say so), and that the outcome of the election would have been the same regardless of the information released (58% say that). Further, 56% say that despite this situation, the US ought to continue its efforts to improve relations with Russia rather than take strong economic and diplomatic steps against Russia.

In the wake of the allegations, the Obama administration has taken a hard stance on Russia, even taking draconian measures like expelling Russian diplomats from the United States. A majority of Americans disagree with that strategy, instead wishing for the U.S. to improve relations with Russia.

Not only do a majority of Americans believe the results of the election would have been the same, less than 50% of those polled even “strongly believe” the allegations to begin with:

But there is less agreement on whether the intelligence community’s conclusions are correct. About 43% say it is extremely or very likely that the intelligence community’s assessment is correct, with another 32% saying that is somewhat likely.

It appears that the only people that truly believe that Russia played a major role in electing Donald Trump are D.C. liberals and their supporters. Republicans and Independents polled were skeptical of the conclusions being drawn by the administration:

And partisanship colors views on how big a problem Russian attempts to influence US elections are. Among Democrats, 84% consider it a crisis or major problem compared with just 37% of Republicans. Democrats are also more likely than Republicans to say that information was significant enough to change the result of the election (65% say so vs. just 10% of Republicans).

Among independents, 65% say that if the intelligence community is correct it would be a major problem for the country, but they tend to doubt that it is true, with just 37% saying it’s very likely to be correct and 38% that it could have changed the outcome of the election.

Despite the liberal alarmists with their fake news and Russian hacker conspiracy theories, it appears the American people aren’t buying it. With just days before the inauguration, it would serve liberals well to stop their attempts at undermining the incoming administration and focus on building a stronger country under new leadership.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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