British PM makes Brexit statement NO ONE saw coming…

Brexit is quite possibly one of the biggest political shakeups in recent history — a huge victory for anyone around the world who believes globalism leads to tyranny.

Ever since Britain decided to leave the European Union, folks have wondered what kind of ramifications this would have on the economy and exactly what this “exit, stage right” would look like.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has provided further details involving the UK’s involvement with the EU customs union, and it’s even more good news.

According to The Independent:

Theresa May has said Britain will not remain a full member of the EU customs union after Brexit, saying the UK wants to open up to negotiate its own trade deals with the rest of the world.

The Prime Minister suggested Britain would prefer to retain a form of “associate membership” of the union, limiting the increase in red tape for businesses who export to continental Europe.

“I do not want us to be bound by the common external tariff,” Ms. May said, proposing a new relationship with the members of the bloc that involves a preferential form of access to the union.

She highlighted Donald Trump’s recent comments, in which he said he is keen to do a trade deal with the UK once it is outside the customs union, which prohibits members from negotiating their own external deals.

“Countries including China, Brazil and the Gulf states have already expressed interest in striking trade deals with us,” she said.

“We have started discussions on future trade ties with countries like Australia, New Zealand and India. And President-elect Trump has said that Britain is not at the back of the queue for a trade deal with the United States, the world’s biggest economy, but front of the line.”

You can bet your bottom dollar liberals hate the fact that Britain is so eager to make a deal with Trump.

This is absolutely outstanding news — for our economy, and for Britain’s — as it opens up the door for them to become a more free, more prosperous nation, providing tons of opportunities that didn’t exist while part of the EU.

One can only hope this is a major move for the country away from the socialism and bloated government bureaucracy that has plagued the UK and it’s people for a very long time.

The whole concept of Brexit seems to indicate that a shift toward smaller government around the world. The more liberty and freedom spread, the happier and safer the world will be. Let’s hope this is only the beginning.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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