JUST IN: “Lone gunman” shoots 16; four DEAD

Oh no, not again. In an all-too-familiar scenario, we must report on another mass shooting – this one in a nightclub.

We know nothing about the gunman. We know nothing about the motive. But we do know at least 16 people were shot, four of them fatally.

According to Breitbart, A lone gunman is believed to have gone on a shooting rampage murdering four victims and wounding 12 others at a night club near the famed Mexican resort area of Cancun.

The shooting took place overnight at the Blue Parrot nightclub in the resort town of Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo where an international music festival was taking place. BPM Festival, the company hosting the event has confirmed that four individuals died while 12 more were shot. As of Monday morning, Mexican authorities had not released any information on the case. According to information released by BPM, three of the murder victims were security personnel who had tried to stop the suspect from entering the venue. The company claimed to be working closely with local police.

Playa Del Carmen and Cancun have largely avoided most of the violence that has taken hold in other tourist areas in Mexico.

However, Playa Del Carmen and Cancun are destinations extremely popular with American tourists. It would be wrong to try to connect dots when we have so little information to go by, but one’s mind can’t help but think about a terror attack.

But however horrific the thought of a crazed, lone gunman is, to authorities in tourist destinations, the thought of potential terrorism is even worse.

The narrative we’re being fed about the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter is that he was mentally disturbed after serving in Iraq. Interestingly, no major publications have picked up this story regarding public records from 2007 that seem to indicate the shooter had converted to Islam.

This past weekend, the Sun-Sentinel reported that many witnesses at the airport still maintain there was a second shooter, firing at Terminal 1.

Susan Griffin of Tupelo, Miss., was waiting for her luggage the next day when a fellow passenger whom she said identified himself as a federal agent told her and others that a lawn mower backfired and an officer’s radio picked up the noise.

“I said I don’t know who you think is going to buy that crap,” Griffin said.

Many passengers find the official version unconvincing. They are adamant they heard gunfire.

They have their own theories: There was another shooter who hasn’t been caught or a law enforcement officer fired a weapon and didn’t report it.

The Sun Sentinel questioned 10 airline and concession employees who had been in different locations of Terminal 1. Half said they heard gunshots, and all agreed on the number: three.

“These were gunshots,” said Meyers, the former stockbroker. “There’s no mistaking it.”

We may never know the full story about what happened at Ft Lauderdale, just as we may never know exactly what happened last night in Playa Del Carmen.

But it doesn’t matter to the victims and families of the horrific attack.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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