Trump gets OMINOUS warning from outgoing CIA director

After being compared to Adolf Hitler throughout the entire course of his campaign by liberals who are unaware that “Nazi” stands for “National Socialist,” The Donald invoked Godwins Law on his own following Buzzfeed’s leak of a bogus report alleging he had ties to Russia.

He was criticizing the intelligence community for allowing this bogus information to leak, not for its existence, but as you can imagine, they weren’t all too thrilled with the comparison.

As Newsweek reported: Outgoing CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday issued a stern parting rebuke to President-elect Donald Trump on the week he assumes the U.S. presidency, warning him against absolving Russia for recent actions and to watch what he says.

“Spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests and so therefore when he speaks or when he reacts, just make sure he understands that the implications and impact on the United States could be profound,” Brennan said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“It’s more than just about Mr. Trump. It’s about the United States of America.” Brennan slammed Trump for his comments likening the actions of the intelligence community to those of Nazi Germany. “What I do find outrageous is equating intelligence community with Nazi Germany,” Brennan said.”

“I do take great umbrage with that and there is no basis for Mr. Trump to point fingers at the intelligence community for leaking information that was already available publicly.”

Think it’s about time Trump tones down the tweets just a bit? Perhaps – but it would be great to see equal condemnations of the crazies (including some in the media) making Hitler comparisons of their own.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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