CNN anchor has JAW-DROPPING response to attack on Trump…

CNN’s Senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta nearly got himself kicked out of Donald Trump’s first press conference since the election after a brief verbal scuffle with the president-elect. It ended with Trump pointing to Acosta and telling him “you are fake news” after refusing to take questions from his “despicable organization.” Surprisingly, that was met by laughter, and the exchange quickly went viral as the highlight of the press conference.

Even CNN published an op-ed after the matter headlined ‘How did President-elect Trump handle press conference? Nailed it.”

Even more surprising, CNN’s Anderson Cooper is now defending Trump against recent statements by Rep. John Lewis that he’s “not a legitimate” president. As The Blaze reported: CNN host Anderson Cooper, during a discussion on his show Friday, pointed out the recent hypocrisy of Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), who made headlines Friday and Saturday for saying during a pre-taped interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he doesn’t view President-elect Donald Trump as a “legitimate” president.

Lewis explained to “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd that given the circumstances surrounding the 2016 presidential election — specifically the allegation that Russian state hackers manipulated the election to undermine America’s democracy and to help Trump win — he will have a hard time viewing Trump as a “legitimate” president.

But, according to Cooper, that comment doesn’t exactly make political sense. Because, as Cooper pointed out, Democrats would have likely been “up in arms” at any Republican who would have said the same thing about a president-elect Hillary Clinton.

“I get he doesn’t like Donald Trump. I get he doesn’t accept the results of the election, but is this helpful in any way?” Cooper questioned. “If a Republican had said this about President-elect Hillary Clinton, Democrats would be up in arms.”

Cooper expressed the question to his four-person panel, which was made up of one Republican strategist, one Democratic strategist and two political reporters.

Paul Begala said that Lewis was speaking from a “place of pain, not partisanship.” He personally believes that the election was legitimate, but “tainted.” Kayleigh McEnany, meanwhile, said that Lewis is “putting being a liberal leftist above being an American.” She scolded him for his “despicable” comment and said it wasn’t Russia that took down Clinton’s flawed campaign.

And of course, Donald Trump had his own comments to make about the criticism from Lewis.

Obviously Lewis’ contributions to the 1960s Civil Rights movement cannot and should not be minimized, but during his 30 years in Congress, only fourteen bills he’s sponsored have become law, three of which were to name federal buildings, and seven of which relate to museums or parks. “When it comes to his legislative record, “all talk” is right.

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