Liberal’s hate campaign BACKFIRES in UNEXPECTED way

With the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump just a week away, all eyes are turning to those attending the event — and especially on the Talladega College Marching Tornadoes.

Liberals have been imploding ever since it was announced the band would accept the invitation to play at Trump’s inauguration, primarily because doing so completely destroys the racially divisive narrative.

The Tornadoes are part of an historically black college, and the fact Trump asked them to come to the historic event deflates the lie that he’s a raging racist.

With all the fomenting from the left, the band had to set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the expenses of the trip.

According to

The account, set up by Band Director Miguel Bonds, is seeking to raise $75,000 to cover the 200-member band’s trip to Washington, D.C. to march in the Jan. 20 inaugural parade. As of Wednesday, about $28,000 had been donated.

According to Bonds, the money will be used for transportation, travel, lodging and other expenses. The money is needed by Jan. 15, the petition notes.

Donations will help fund the trip and “give students an opportunity to have a memorable experience to see firsthand a transition of power and other events,” Bonds said. “We will be thankful if you are able to contribute to the organization.”

Talladega College – Alabama’s oldest private historically black college — has been under fire since reports of the Trump invitation emerged in December. Alumni of the college launched petitions calling for the band to reject the invitation, even as supporters launched rival sites to garner support.

Talladega College President Dr. Billy Hawkins later announced his decision that the band would attend the inauguration.

“The lessons students can learn from this experience cannot be taught in a classroom,” Hawkins said. “We respect and appreciate how our students and alumni feel about our participation in this parade. As many of those who chose to participate in the parade have said, we feel the inauguration of a new president is not a political event but a civil ceremony celebrating the transfer of power.”

The move by Trump to invite the band is proof of his desire to help heal an America that has been severely divided, thanks in large part to the identity politics made famous by leftists over the last few decades.

If we really want to see racism brought to an end, folks of all colors need to drop the superficial nonsense of looking at a person’s race, and instead, judge them by their actions and the content of their character.

Having the Tornadoes at the inauguration is a great way to jumpstart the healing process, and create a bridge across the gap our current commander in chief worked diligently to create.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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