This NEEDS to be one of the FIRST Obama disasters Trump stops…

Folks, You think we’d reached the point where nothing the Obama administration did would be surprising when it comes to the United States military and our warriors. We heard President Obama’s “sequestration” idea, basically blowing a hole in the military budget. It was sickening when he refused to undo the regulations instituted by President Clinton, disarming our military personnel — making them sitting ducks for terrorists who attack them in their own offices. The commander in chief is releasing terrorists and their sympathizers from Gitmo at record pace, despite their threats to kill more Americans. This, while refusing to consider the plight of 82nd Airborne Lt. Clint Lorance — whom we have written about many times.

Other puzzlers include directing West Point grads to take up arms against “global warming” in President Obama’s top warriors speech. Or, his failure to respond to third world countries buzzing our Navy ships and attacking our embassies? Who can forget the “apology” issued by U.S. embassy personnel after we were attacked by terrorists in Cairo?

But now, Obama — and by extension, his Department of Defense and the new and improved Obama Army — may have reached the apex of insanity. While military personnel are raiding aircraft graveyards for parts, planes are losing parts in flight, and US soldiers have their breakfasts cancelled, the commander in chief has demonstrated once again his priorities may make him the Allen B. West FUBAR winner again in 2017.

You may need your smelling salts for this, but according to Engadget the DOD is spending scarce military dollars on bullets that turn into flowers:

“… The Department of Defense is trying to tackle environmental problems caused by spent bullets and casings on its firing ranges by using composite materials laced with seeds.

The military fires hundreds of thousands of rounds during training, ranging from bullets to 155mm artillery shells. While casings are collected, and often recycled, the bullets themselves generally aren’t, and can take “hundreds of years” to break down in the environment. That can pollute the soil and water supply, harm animals, and generally look like crap if you stumble upon them.

To tackle the problem, the DoD has made a proposal call for a biodegradable composite bullet impregnated with seeds that will survive the initial blast and searing velocities. The seeds should only sprout after being in the ground for several months and be safe for animals to consume.

At the same time, the military wants the composite materials to be usable in other sectors, like construction or drink containers. For instance, spent building materials could biodegrade and become gardens, or tossed beverage cups could leave their mark as a clump of flowers. As references, the document cites “bamboo reinforced biodegradable plastics” and composites made from “soy-based matrices.”

For the first phase, closing on February 8th, the military is looking for 40-120mm training rounds built with biodegradable composites and remediation seeds that “meet all the performance requirements of existing training rounds.” If that works out, the suppliers will build a “sufficient number of prototypes for the government to perform ballistic tests.”

If Obama had won another four years in office — as he claimed he could have — what would be next? Pink camo for the Marines? Hand grenades exploding confetti? Battle tanks shaped like unicorns? Thank God we will never know. Will the mad scientists hunkered down in some DOD basement trying to develop bullets that grow daisies hear “you’re fired” in a few days? I certainly hope so. Our warriors need to be warriors. If the Pentagon wants flowers they can call a florist.

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]

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