Netanyahu tweets INCREDIBLE photo showing what support for Israel really looks like

After being slighted by the Obama Administration just a few weeks ago, Israel could use some support from the international community. Traditionally, the United States has been Israel’s most dependable ally, but relations between the two countries have been on thin ice under Obama.

Thankfully, not everyone has forgotten our Israeli allies, and the country picking up the slack may be the most surprising part of all. Earlier today, the Israeli Prime Minister tweeted out this powerful image from none other than Germany:


Powerful because it shows support for a loyal ally in the fight against terrorism, but also because of the historical significance. It wasn’t that long ago that Germany was on a completely different side of relations with the Jewish population, providing a humbling reminder of how far we’ve come:

Berlin, Germany:The Brandenburg Gate / Brandenburger Tor.  Nazi party flags cover the city gate. Postcard stamped on rear 7 July 1941.  (Photo by Culture Club/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

Just under a month ago, Berlin was thrust into the center of the war on terror when a radical Islamic terrorist drove a truck through a crowded Christmas market, killing twelve people. The attack reopened the debate on the ongoing immigration policies of the German government, prompting some to question whether Berlin was more concerned about being politically correct than battling terrorism.

Many in the United States wonder the same about the current administration, a complaint that was only amplified by the actions of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry in the wake of the UN Resolution condemning Israel. That seems poised to change as President-elect Trump nears inauguration day, as Trump has been steadfast in his support of our Israeli allies since announcing his candidacy.

For now, at least Israel can count on some to show them public support. Hopefully 2017 will bring a renewed commitment to our allies and the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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