Libs FREAK over Paul Ryan’s “Nazi” symbol, but here’s what we discovered

Nazis, Nazis everywhere.

The days of McCarthyism are long gone – but liberals have managed to bring it back. Instead of seeing communists everywhere, they’re seeing Nazis everywhere.

Ann Coulter became a target the other day when she allegedly revealed her Nazi ties over Twitter. What did she tweet? The number fourteen. Seriously.


So how do you infer that Ann is publicly revealing she’s been in bed with Hitler this whole time? Here’s why the geniuses in the liberal media came to that conclusion, and yes, it’s a huge stretch:


In reality, what did the number fourteen mean? She was counting down the number of days until Obama is out of office…. like she does everyday.


Not long-after this embarrassing spectacle of mental gymnastics, the modern McCarthyists found the latest Nazi in hiding: Paul Ryan. Where did he subtly declare his alliance to the Third Reich? In a new logo bearing his name.


So was Ryan’s symbol inspired by Nazi imagery?


Despite countless articles from liberal websites on the supposed Nazi imagery, all they really had to do to understand the inspiration for the symbol was type “Speaker of the House symbol” into Google. Here’s what they would’ve found:


A version of that logo has been in existence since, um…1789. Who knew Ryan could’ve copied a symbol from the Nazis that predates their existence? One can only wonder where today’s McCarthyists see Nazis next.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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