SICK: ISIS stoops to disgusting low, now strapping bombs to…

ISIS has shown time and again they are out to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they are the most heinous group of individuals alive on the planet today, and their latest act cements this reputation.

While we’re all sort of used to videos coming out featuring these radicals burning folks alive, beheadings, and other such assorted savagery, it seems the group is hitting new lows by turning disabled jihadis into suicide bombers.

There seems to be no bottom rung for these people.

The Mirror is reporting, Footage released by a purported ISIS network shows the soldiers helping a man out of a vehicle and into his wheelchair . 


The man, who has no legs, is loaded with explosives and interviewed before being wheeled away to complete his mission.

It is believed that he was carrying out a suicide car bomb attack in Mosul.

Drone footage shows plumes of smoke rising from the area just moments after the man detonates his bomb.

In the rest of the clip, two executions are shown, of men who are accused of being Iraqi coalition spies.

The Islamic State have now claimed responsibility for the New Year’s Eve nightclub attack in Istanbul, where a terrorist shot 39 people dead.

The killer stormed the Reina nightclub in Istanbul armed with an AK-47 and began blasting people at will.

There are simply no words to truly and accurately describe the level of evil that exists in the world of ISIS and radical Islam.

It’s apparently not enough that they turn their own children into bombers for their sick and twisted cause, but now they’re brainwashing folks with disabilities to use in their plan for world domination.

To call this deplorable is a serious understatement.

This proves there’s absolutely no negotiating with this kind of evil. The only language radicals understand is force, and if we don’t want to see this sort of thing happening here at home, we need to unleash the hounds so to speak and wipe these guys off the map.

Let’s hope that’s exactly what President Trump does after taking the reins from Obama.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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