BREAKING: Ft. Lauderdale shooter ID’d but it’s not over yet…

Fox News reports that the gunman in the Ft. Lauderdale shooting has been identified. Florida Senator Bill Nelson identified the shooter as Esteban Santiago. Sources say the shooter was also carrying a military ID, although it’s not clear if it belonged to him.

As events unfold, the body count continues to rise. Fox News is reporting that there are now 5 dead and that the gunman was in custody.

More details are beginning to trickle in from Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Fox News interviewed a witness who was at the scene. John Schlicher talked like with Shepard Smith of Fox News, providing first hand details of the shooter. Schlicher described the shooter as a slender man, about 5’10, wearing a Star Wars shirt. According to Schilcher, the gunman carried a handgun, and reloaded at least once during the shooting spree. He said nothing as he unloaded his weapon on the crowd of stunned bystanders waiting in the baggage claim. The whole incident lasted roughly 5 minutes.

As Fox News continued its interview, Schlicher reported that more shots were being fired, possibly from the parking garage. The scene unfolded live as authorities sprinted towards the garage and Schlicher was told to get down on the ground and not move. Schlicher stayed on the phone and continued to provide details on the scene as people were seen sprinting Terminal 1 of the airport.

The Transportation Security Agency confirmed there is still a live shooter at the airport via Twitter:


More on this story as it unfolds.

[This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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