Whoa: Look what these BLM supporters are getting white people to PAY for…

Leftists are big believers in the idea of not allowing a cause or tragedy go to waste, using things like racial division to make a quick buck whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Which it apparently has for a pair of black women who’ve decided to take advantage of the Black Lives Matter phenomenon and the “white guilt” of liberal nuts by selling them a “safety pin” subscription box.

But hey, that’s capitalism, right?

Yes, they’ve finally discovered a way to monetize white guilt. However, that’s not all. The pair claims this is also a way for whites to pay “reparations” for slavery.

PJ Media is reporting, “Safety Pin Box’s message to guilty whites: If you want to do something, put money in a black woman’s pocket,” explained VICE News reporter Evan McMorris-Santoro, who spoke with the founders of Safety Pin Box, a subscription service targeting white guilt.

After President-elect Donald Trump’s election, the safety pin became a symbol of sympathy with minorities, since Trump was seen as racist, a threat to blacks, Hispanics, and other races. White people would wear the pins in solidarity with minorities allegedly targeted by Trump.

What comes in the box? Instructions on how to alleviate white guilt. “Some tasks are simple, like give black people higher tips,” VICE News reported. The white woman subscriber explained, “You do three things every week. One is directed towards black elderly, one is directed towards the over-incarcerated, and one is media.”

“This subscription box is intended for white people who want to consistently contribute to Black liberation financially while doing measurable support work for the movement and learning what it takes to dismantle white supremacy,” the Safety Pin Box website explains. “Safety Pin Box encourages white people to take initiative in contributing to the movement for Black lives [Black Lives Matter], while getting guidance and educational resources from Black women.”

But the box doesn’t just help assuage white guilt — it will also direct money toward black activists. “Every month, Safety Pin Box will give one-time financial gifts to individual Black women who have demonstrated a commitment to serving Black people,” the site explains.

Here’s where it gets explicit: “Subscription fees, as a form of reparations, go directly to supporting Black women freedom fighters every month.” (emphasis added)

You have to hand it these people. They discovered an extremely uneducated, gullible, and emotionally stunted group of dopes ripe for the picking and found a way to take advantage of these weaknesses to make a buck.

Does racism still exist? Of course it does. And it’s pure evil, no bones about it.

However, the narrative floating around now would make you think we’re living back in the days of segregation or something. Things have greatly improved over the years and would continue to do so if it weren’t for the lefties constantly dividing people over something skin color.

Then again, Democrats love the division because it helps them keep a lock on minority voters by using the cause to make themselves look like crusaders.

Hopefully people will wake up to reality soon and put real effort into healing the racial divide in America.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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