Desperate Dems try to make argument for Obamacare; instantly regret it

Is anyone buying what the Left is selling anymore? If the results of the presidential election and the political makeup of our House, Senate, and State and local governments are any indication: no.

Among Donald Trump’s campaign promises was a full repeal of Obamacare – and given that Congressional Republicans have tried unsuccessfully over sixty times to repeal all of or part of it, they’re rushing to put an Obamacare repeal bill on Trump’s desk on day one. The Senate voted along party lines today in the first official step toward repealing Obamacare. The 51-48 vote was a procedural motion to start debate on a budget resolution that Republicans hope will result in the overhaul of Obama’s signature debacle healthcare law.

The Left’s response to Republicans attempting to repeal the healthcare law has turned from mockery to fear now that there’s actually a chance the GOP will achieve their goal. The funniest response thus far has come from Nancy Pelosi, who, as Breitbart reported, stated today during a press conference on Capitol Hill that if “You want grandma living in the guest room? You repeal the Affordable Care Act.”

Pelosi said, “So we have a values debate on our hands. It’s very personal in the lives of the American people. A friend of mine just told me his grandson was diagnosed with leukemia. That child will have a pre-existing condition for the rest of his life. Repeal Affordable Care Act, that’s a problem, lifetime limits, that’s a problem. If you are a senior, you know, Medicaid — almost half of Medicaid is about long-term health care. You want grandma living in the guest room?”

“You repeal the Affordable Care Act. You go along with — this is part of an initiative that is part of the Ryan budget that says we’re going to voucherize Medicare, block grant Medicaid,” she continued. “This is an assault on the health security and financial security that goes with what the Affordable Care Act has done for the American people. So make America sick again? Is that what the Republicans want to do? I certainly hope not.”

A similar attack comes to mind from the 2012 presidential race. In response to then vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s stance on Medicare reform, an attack ad was released showing a man who looked like Ryan pushing an old lady off of a cliff.

The great irony in Pelosi’s argument is it was actually Obamacare that gutted Medicare, not Republicans like Ryan. As the Heritage Foundation noted in 2012, “Obamacare cuts $716 billion from Medicare over the next 10 years (until 2022), according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and uses these “savings” from Medicare to fund other entitlement expansions mandated by Obamacare. Medicare becomes a cash cow for Obamacare, and the Medicare “savings” from payment cuts are not put back into making Medicare solvent. Such massive payment cuts do impact Medicare benefits, as well as seniors’ access to those benefits.”

Yes Mrs. Pelosi, it’s Medicare exclusively for seniors, and Democrats don’t seem to have any problem with gutting it when they’re in charge.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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