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It’s been a month since the November elections, and the left has just gone apoplectic. I was reading where Trump is being blamed for folks gaining weight. There are some who are cutting their hair. And we all know about the despondency that’s led to calls for more safe spaces, binky toys and hot cocoa. Now, just imagine if Hillary Clinton had won and the response to her victory was the same…yep, “Katy bar the door.” The good thing is that the arrogance of one Barack Obama has taken two torpedoes broadside, regardless of his ranting about “crude nationalism” and Fox News. And imagine, President Obama saying on CNN that he was caught off guard by ISIS, that it was not on his intelligence radar screen? Damn, does this guy take responsibility for anything?

Well, who cares, Donald Trump won…the Chicago Cubs won the World Series…and maybe, just maybe, Army might upset Navy this Saturday!

And I want to share with y’all some more good news. As reported by the Marine Corps Times, A federal judge has overturned a Marine Corps decision to discharge Marine Maj. Jason Brezler, who was accused of mishandling classified information after he warned Marines in Afghanistan about an Afghan police chief days before a deadly insider attack in August 2012. 

A board of inquiry recommended in December 2013 that Brezler be discharged for using his personal email account to send classified information to Marines in Afghanistan about an Afghan police chief accused of sexually assaulting young boys. Brezler was also accused of taking classified documents home from Afghanistan so he could write a book. 

But Brezler filed a lawsuit contesting the Marines’ decision, claiming the Corps wrongfully retaliated against him for contacting Capitol Hill about his concerns. 

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Joseph Bianco in New York ruled that the government had not granted Brezler full access to records related to his claim. Brezler was referred to the board of inquiry, which adjudicates claims of officer misconduct, after a story published in Marine Corps Times reported that Brezler asked for help from Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y. 

“For example, if communications prior to the Marine Corps Times article indicate that the Navy did not contemplate a BOI [board of inquiry], or indicate an affirmative decision not to initiate a BOI, such communications would be highly relevant to Major Brezler’s claim that the BOI was retaliatory,” Bianco wrote in Tuesday’s decision. 

Brezler will remain in the Marine Corps and Bianco ordered the Navy to hold a new board of inquiry hearing, at which Brezler could “fully and fairly present relevant evidence” to support his claims of retaliation. 

“This is a stunning rebuke of the fundamentally unjust proceedings to which this decorated Marine was subjected for over three years,” Brezler’s attorney Michael Bowe said in a statement on Tuesday. 

We shared with you the story of Marine Corps Major Brezler and the sad results of the failure to adhere to his warnings. Several Marines were fatally gunned down on the FOB (forward operating base), while they worked out in the gym.

Consider this witch hunt of Brezler came from a SecNav, Ray Mabus, who’s more concerned with transgender handbooks and gender-neutral duty positions. But, what’s more telling about the Jason Brezler case is the hypocrisy. Here was a Marine Corps officer going above and beyond to warn about the threat to Marines deployed in Helmand Province Afghanistan, while he was back here stateside. It would’ve been easy for Brezler to just not engage, but that’s not who Marines are at their core. Brezler knew he had to do what he could to protect his brother Marines; sadly, his efforts did not stop a tragic death. And instead of asking why someone like the Afghan police chief, Sarwar Jan, had access to the FOB, along with one of his “chai boys” — an underage boy used for sexual purposes — they went after Major Jason Brezler.

Think about this irony: Brezler was fighting for his Marine career, accused of mishandling classified information. Heck, Brezler certainly has a future as a potential Democrat presidential nominee, or even could be considered as a potential secretary of state. There’s a message being sent throughout the military: there are different standards applied to different people. We shared with you the story of the U.S. Navy Petty Officer who’s serving a 15-month sentence for taking six selfie photos in the classified area of a nuclear submarine.

We need to decide that mishandling classified information doesn’t result in punishment for some, and a pardon for others.

Speaking of which, how is it that a deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, can send a letter requesting a presidential pardon? And another, 1LT Clint Lorance, sits imprisoned for 20 years in Ft. Leavenworth for facing the enemy? Matter of fact, why is Bergdahl not sitting in pretrial confinement, instead of walking around free as a bird?

These are the duplicitous hypocrisies that must end, and with the victory of one Donald Trump, they certainly should. This is why we need to have former military leaders now wearing a suit and tie as civilian national security leaders. We need leaders that can relate and sift through the stupid stuff. Imagine, why would we place a chemical engineer in charge of the Department of the Treasury?

So why all the craziness about former military leaders having a part in cabinet national security posts? Perhaps if that were the case in the Obama administration, we wouldn’t have had the insidious complete withdrawal of our forces from Iraq.

The good guy won; Jason Brezler make a stand and did not back down, great for him. And now, we must make a stand for our U.S. military, the men and women who have been worn down, pummeled, dismissed, used as photo ops by the current president. They now believe, as many in America do as well, that something great is happening — and the Dow Jones thinks so as well.


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