In wake of OSU attack, Ohio Senate passes MASSIVE gun bill; liberals FREAKING

It seems like every time there’s a tragedy in the news, politicians rush to take away more of our rights. Instead of blaming the individual who carried out a senseless act of violence, the instrument used in the attack shoulders the burden of blame. Rarely is it considered that having MORE freedom to defend oneself could actually be the solution to the problem.

That might soon change, at least if the Ohio Senate gets its way.

Just a few weeks ago, an ISIS-inspired Somali refugee went on a violent rampage across the campus of Ohio State University. Although the senseless act of violence was not carried out with a gun, liberals immediately started blaming lax gun laws for the attack.

If the Ohio legislature was to follow liberal logic, they would swiftly move to place greater restrictions on cars and knives. However, Ohio politicians had a better idea… give people greater power to defend themselves. From Fox 19:

The Republican-dominated Ohio Senate approved sweeping NRA-backed gun control legislation Wednesday evening, which aims to curtail the list of spots where firearms are not allowed to be carried in the state.

House Bill 48 approves gun owners with concealed carry permits to carry firearms on school campuses that allow it, day cares, airport terminals and some government property.

The legislation sponsored by Rep. Ron Magg, R-Lebanon, was voted directly down party lines, 23-9. The bill heads to the Ohio House where it is expected to pass a final vote before hitting Gov. John Kasich’s desk.

In a rare appearance of logic in the face of tragedy, politicians in Ohio are starting to figure out the obvious… gun-free zones don’t work. After all, criminals aren’t really concerned about following the law anyway.

If it weren’t for the fortunate proximity of an Ohio State Campus Police officer, the rampage at Ohio State could have been much worse. Legislators in Ohio realize that the next time tragedy strikes, luck might not be on their side. That’s why empowering people to defend themselves is so critical.

Predictably, liberals everywhere are already freaking out about the bill. In their world, allowing law-abiding citizens to practice their Second Amendment rights is more dangerous than allowing criminals free rein in gun-free zones.

However, the sad truth is that if someone wants to bring a gun on campus, no sign telling them they can’t will deter them. That’s why passing legislation like this around the country is so important. Americans have a right to defend themselves.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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